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Mako at AC Boat Show__Thumbs Down!!!

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  • Mako at AC Boat Show__Thumbs Down!!!

    I went to the Atlantic City Boat show today and Ive got to tell you guys I was very dissappointed with the quality of the Mako line of boats. I would scrap the entire line of boats except for the 171 and 201 models. Even the new 212 is a piece of crap. The entire line needs to be scrapped and they should go back and pull out the best moulds from the 70s and early 80s and start making those same boats using modern composite techniques, just like they have done with the SeaCraft line. Bayliner has a better fit and finish than Mako does today.

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    No Makos at our show. We did have 2 Jupiter 31's at the show. Everyone that walked past them had to stop. My dad who knows nothing about high-end boats walked up to them and said that the Jupiter 31's were the finest boat he had ever seen. Those suckers are really amazing.
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      A couple of Makos at the Mobile, Alabama Boat Show. No good. I didnt like em at all. Knock on the sides of one of those new ones, youll see. I concur with Mako224
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        Cheap hardware, and if you run your hands under the edges of the hatches and cutouts you might loose a finger. Their designs are stail and leave alot to be desired. Worse yet the dealer at the show had hondas on the back of them.


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          At least you guys have a crappy Mako to look at. Here in California all we have is Sh*% boats. At the recent boat show I was dissapointed to see mostly ski boats and bubble boats. It was the same old thing..... There was a Scout dealer and BW dealer and a GW dealer but that was about it. Almost forgot there was a boat called Everglades CC that was impressive but for the most part we lack good boats. Try to find a SeaCraft or Mako.... God I'd just love to actually see a Jupiter. I've carried their brochure for years and just like looking at the pictures [] Maybe some day I'll get over to the Miami Boat show.

          Oakley, California


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            I've carried their brochure for years and just like looking at the pictures

            Sounds like "nautical porn" to me![]

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              No Makos at my boat show this weekend. Hard to believe there's not a single dealer in the state of South Carolina. Here are some of the similar brands represented (ranked in my opinion of fit & finish):


              Sea Pro

              Key West


              Sea Fox


              Pro Sports (a joke)
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                Hey Strick-

                Those Everglades boats are very nice. They're made by Bob Dougherty of Boston Whaler and Edgewater fame.

                Did you check out the engineering on their t-top? They have a windshield the slides down into the console, hella led lights, and a bunch of other goodies.

                Since they are made like a whaler (foam sandwich construction) they are very quiet boats.



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                  I was that the AC Show on saturday also. I was pretty damn embarrassed to be wearing my Mako hat. Sad that Mako is putting out a real piece of S_*t now
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                    i was at the providence show in January and I to was shocked by the mako boats. I don't know the durability of those new makos but they do look like crap, cheap looking junk. I thought the rabalo and edgewater looked sharp.


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                      Anyone that wants to trade a new 25 CC Mako with twin 140 Suki 4 strokes for my 88 21B with OMC 225......just give me a hollar !


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                        I'll be going to the Miami boat show this weekend, if they aren't there they won't be anywhere.

                        Any requests for pics????
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                          Someone mentioned pulling out all the old molds from the '70's and '80's and using those to build a quility boat again. Hate to tell you, but ALL those old molds were cut up and sold as scrap over the past 4 or 5 years. Seems to me that the recent string of new owners didn't want any real competation -
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                            HeHe I'm sure your right.


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                              Yes I spent a good 1/2 hour on the everglades very very nice rig. Never saw a windshield like that before... it was really cool.

                              Oakley, California