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Mako 238 cabin drain

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  • Mako 238 cabin drain

    Hi,I am a Mako 238 W/A owner from Liverpool UK

    In the cabin there is what I assume to be a drain with a black screw type plug(I assume this is a drain to the bilge).However water does not drain through it.When I put my finger inside,it feels like silicone blocking the whole.

    Am i right in thinking that this silicone should not be there and it should just be a hole to a drain tube that empties into the bilge.Maybe someone has filled the hole up with silicone to block it for some reason.

    Do you guys have any ideas,If it is a drain i would like to make sure it is unplugged.

    Many thanks

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    Capt: depending on the year you are correct, a friend with a 238 1986 version plugged his cabin drain, as the discharge tube was so low in the bilge that when slowing off plane or at anchor, any water over about 2" deep in the rear builge, would bubble back up that skupper and was a constant pain for cleaning. that was just his boat! There were a few variations to the plumbing so be careful as to snaking it clear if thats your intention. be out of the water, well ventilated, and visual inspect all you can.

    If you can live with a sponge clean up you may want to keep it sealed.

    Good luck

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      Thanks Manasotamako,I may leave it as it is for now,and take a closer look when i get it out of the water for antifouling.


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        I have a Mako 260 and I have a forward sump with a small pump in it that pumps out any water in the cabin. My cabin is not connected to the Bilge in any way.
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          my '78 232 cuddy is exactly as you described. a drain from the cuddy to the bildge. I constantly had water from my bildge drain back into my cuddy, getting anything on the floor soakin wet. I used a compresion plug to block the hole at the bottom of the floor with some success but eventually the entire drain plugged itself from stuff in the bilge going up the tube and getting lodged so it wouldn't drain very well anymore. It's a PVC pipe that runs under the gas tank and I used a garden hose with a strong stream from a spray head to unplug it.
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            I also have a 238, that drain on mine does exactly what the guy's replied to you , mine its free and drains to the bilge but I am going to plug it because water does show up in the cabin sometimes, how does your drains the forward anchor compartment I just wrote in the forum about this issue to see if someone can help....thank's...jim.