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DNR and HIN number issue

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  • DNR and HIN number issue

    i have a '79 twenty foot mako. it has a 9 digit number on the HIN plate on the starboard transom. i've had the boat for several years. the person i bought it from is a friend and he owned it for many years.

    it's always been registered (have my official ga registration numbers and everything). i have lots of official DNR paperwork with that 9 digit HIN number on it.

    the registration expires this year so i sent in the renewal form and my money and now the DNR says the HIN isn't long enough.

    it needs to be a 12 digit number.

    there "may" be an M20 tacked onto the end of the HIN plate but that would be an inch or so to the right of the number that is there. the plate is very corroded and it's difficult to say if that's correct or if the corrosion simply looks like more letters/numbers (the marina staff and i did drink a beer or two as we inspected the plate and we had an even split on opinions. half said they drank bud and our half didn't [])

    so, i ask any of you who have similarly aged makos, is there a model number at the end of the HIN plate or is the DNR smokin' the crab bait again?
    \'79 20\'[br]savannah

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    Here is how you can decode an HIN number.

    Match it up with what you have, and fill in the blank with your best guess. []

    Good luck!
    Capt Kevin ~~~><((((*>[br][br] 2520 MVSC \"Chesapeake Edition\"[br]Annapolis, Maryland[br]


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      I have that exact model and year boat at home, I will look at the plate tonight and give you the skinny. dave.
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        I have the same model as well and will check. The funny thing is that when I registered last year after I bought the boat I was told there were too many numbers.[:u]

        Then again, this is MA where there is no consistency and everything has to be done differently.


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          thanks dave and hdavis !

          i await your findings.

          (megabyte - thanks for the info but since i'm dealing with state idiots, i really don't want to fake a number. who knows what official silliness would be in store for me down the road when they find out the real number doesn't match what i told them.)

          and i sympathize with those of you who live in states with terminally confused bureaucracies...i have some of those issues here:

          last time i renewed the registration, they told me the registration number was wrong.

          however, it was printed on the card they sent me when i transferred the boat from the fella i bought it from.

          it was printed on the card they sent me when i renewed the registration.

          it was printed on the renewal letter they sent me.

          but they said it was wrong.


          had to write them and explain that it was THEIR number, not mine. never got an answer, just the new card in the mail a few weeks later.

          makes ya wonder how the gummint gets anything done......
          \'79 20\'[br]savannah


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            did anyone glance at their HIN plate over the weekend?

            megabyte - the link you posted gives an error when trying to use the search function. could be my old pc....
            \'79 20\'[br]savannah


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              If you are trying to search the MIC database, try this link:


              I wasn't suggestion that you make up numbers, but depending on the year of manufacture, the format of the numbers can be different.

              For example, before August 1, 1984, there were two methods of displaying the date of certification. If that is what is missing from your HIN (and you know for certain that it is 1979 model), it should be simple to figure out those last numbers... They are the month and year of manufacture.


              Good luck!
              Capt Kevin ~~~><((((*>[br][br] 2520 MVSC \"Chesapeake Edition\"[br]Annapolis, Maryland[br]


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                m20 is correct


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                  Thanks! i'll see if that addition to the number satisfies the DNR.

                  and megabyte, when i use the "search" function, i get:

                  Method Not Allowed

                  The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /links/mic_codes.htm.
                  \'79 20\'[br]savannah


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                    You may be missing the MIC. The HIN usually begins with 4 letters. For mako marine it is MRK. My HIN starts with MRK which is printed onthe plate and then the stampings begin with E....... (can't remember it all).

                    The M20 may be the culprit as well. Its one of the two options.
                    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                      i'll try it jbs' way first (since 3 out of 6 drunks at the marina seemed to think that perhaps there was an M20 at the end of the plate) and if that doesn't satisfy the Department of Dimwittted Reprobates, i'll try it your way.

                      thanks to all....
                      \'79 20\'[br]savannah


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                        well, tacking on the M20 at the end didn't work. DNR still ain't happy and they are holding my registration hostage.

                        anyone know what the first three letters or numbers of a '79 HIN are?
                        \'79 20\'[br]savannah


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                          Try the MRK in the front and i think you'll get it.

                          Jeff Reid

                          Sanford NC
                          Jeff Reid[br]Sanford NC


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                            My 85 (built in 84) 20' begins with MRK. No M20 on the back end.
                            -Bizz[br]1985 20C[br]Charlotte, NC


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                              I have a 1980 20' Just pulled the documentation from MA registration and the number is