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    I am going to look at a 1978 mako 21 with 200 hp Johnson ( older motor, probably same vintage ). What kind of things should I be looking for as for problems with the haul and such. Are there any particulare spots that tend to develop soft spots or rot? Any ways to check the fuel tank/ lines for severe rust? Kinda new to the mako world so I am looking for some help. Also if I purchase the boat I'll be looking for advice on a shade tower. Thanks.


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    Hi Brian,

    Welcome to the obbsession. There are alot of things to look for but start with the basics. Walk on the deck with a full load of your weight on your knees on the deck, if its soft youll know it. If the boat has an inspection hatch for the fuel sender, open it and sniff for fuel either stale or fresh. The transom and stringers are the most important. If you take a nylon hammer of a hammer that wont mar the finish tap all over the transom and listen for a hollow or mushy sound. if the transom is in poor condition you can bet the stringers arent much better. Im not realy up on the larger Makos and im sure you will get alot of replies from the guys that know that boat better than I. Good luck. P.S. take your time when going over a used boat of that age, repairs are costly if you are not planning on a project.