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Different Hull Performances??__Any Advice?

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  • Different Hull Performances??__Any Advice?

    Curious what everyone thinks of different hull performances for nearshore/offshore trips?

    I'm trying to decide which hull and layout will suit me best. I like the bow storage and side boxes in the stern and also the rod storage on the gunnels in some models. So I'm curious which hull will ride best and give me the most storage??

    I've seen the 231, 224, etc so in the 22 to 24 foot range which hulls have the best ride but don't require over 225 HP? Want to keep a single engine and lower HP appropriate for the hull to conserve fuel. If I have a top end around 40 and cruise around 30mph I'm happy as a clam. Also have heard some mention of the 80's hulls being deeper than the 70's. What about the 79?? Thanks for your help in advance!!

    Scott[br]Atlantic Beach, NC

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    A 1997 or older Mako 232 is by far the best choice in that size range. That particular model is the best 23'er Mako ever built.
    1987 Mako 254, 2013 Evinrude ETEC 175\'s (sold to my buddy)[br]1988 Mako 20, 2008 Yamaha 200HPDI (sold)[br]1984 Mako 17, 2005 Suzuki 115 (sold)[br]1981 Mako 21 (sold)[br]1978 Mako 17 (sold)[br]1986 Mako 260 (sold)[br]1997 Mako 232 (sold)[br]Tampa, Florida


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      May I say also if you have not bought a power plant yet that the Mercury Optimax line is a fine fuel saver. My 21 foot Bay Shark with a 200hp. gets 3.5 miles to the gallon and I cruse at 40 – 45 mph. She has a top end of 50 – 53 mph.
      01\' Mako BayShark 2100[br]200 Optimax[br]Lakeland Fl.


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        What is the difference between the 231 and 232?? Just not as familiar as I'd like to be and looking to purchase before long.

        This boat has the side rod storage and dry storage front and back. It's a 1979 model. Low cut transom for the outboard. THanks for everyone's input.[br]Atlantic Beach, NC


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          I have a 1988 24' walkaround cabin with a full transom. 250hp Mercury EFI Bluewarter Series hanging on a gill tank bracket. Nice power plant and a big heavy boat with a stable ride at 40kts loaded. ie.. 30 gallons of water, fuel and gear. What a gas hog! This boat needs twins. Good luck!