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    After a pretty substantial hiatus, Mako Marine returned to my local boat show. They had the whole inshore line and one 192. I spent most of the show in shock as to how poorly some of the other boat manufacturer's boats had been slapped together (Angler, Sea Pro, to some degree Key West). Walking up to the Mako booth, I was expecting to be disappointed. What a pleasant surprise. I looked long and hard inside hatches, under consoles, wiring, plumbing, hull, etc. It all looked pretty damn good. I would have to say that I would actually considered buying one (I don't care for the inshores but the 192 is a decent layout).

    As I was peering through the 192, Brian Furst (Southern Sales Manager) from Mako approached me to see if I had any questions. I mentioned that I already had a 171 and the conversation began.

    I mentioned that like alot of Classic Mako owners I had serious doubts as to where Mako is and where it is heading. He was certainly aware of some of the previous issues and was extremely confident that this Jarvis fellow had already begun to really turn things around. They have changed their whole QC process to be an "Employee Sign-off" system where each person responsible for a certain task signs off that it is 100%. He stated that their lamination schedules were what they've always been (he mentioned that they would be all composite construction for the 2006 model year). Their components for the most part were the same OEM's as they've been since the good days. All sounded pretty encouraging.

    I mentioned what a joke it was to have BPS as their near sole dealer source and the fact that BPS had a bunch of boats out in the yard collecting dust, leaves, etc. (who is going to get excited about those?). He was aware of that and they were working on it. He also mentioned that there were 3-4 of their old dealers that had signed back on after hearing that Jarvis was at the helm.

    All in all Brian seemed to be a first rate guy and I enjoyed the conversation. I hope that the things he is encouraged by come to fruition and that Mako can once again return.
    SCMako17[br]1990 Mako 230 WA[br]Yamaha 200 2-stroke[br]Greenville, SC

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    This is pretty much the same conversation I had with the mako rep At the BPS in Savanah. I looked hard at a new 21 and gaver it a thumbs up. They are pricey. 50K for a 21 foot boat !


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      Check out the article in Boating Magazine rating the new 21 foot walk around. They rate the boat lower than a SeaPro. That is just plain sad. SeaPros are junk and the new Makos are are even worse.


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        Honestly, I do not own a Sea Pro, but I have always thought of them as a good mid-tier boat.

        Boating magazine and their ratings are an absolute joke. Truly, they probably marked the Mako down because A) Mako did not spend enough advertising money with Boating magazine, or B) the toilet paper holder in the console was in the wrong place, or C) The dash did not have that pretty "Slope" to it like all the Bayliners do. [:0]
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          So Corey…… Think you can hook me up with this Brian Furst guy? Maybe he can help me some with my warranty problem. Did you get a business card or something?
          01\' Mako BayShark 2100[br]200 Optimax[br]Lakeland Fl.


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            I didn't get his card. Call the factory - they might be able to provide the number. Good luck with your warranty issues.
            SCMako17[br]1990 Mako 230 WA[br]Yamaha 200 2-stroke[br]Greenville, SC


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              Shankiee, reference this site and send the factory an e mail.

              I fully believe in calling junk POS if warranted. The new 21 I saw and went over was quality. If we ever want Mako to back us and this site we should get off the crap wagon, go look at the new boats for our ourselves and if they look up to snuff, post it. All this nay saying and knocking the product without digging into it personally only hurts Mako.

              Perhaps we can get a group together a visit the factory for a dog and pony.

              If what is seen sucks so be it, but if it is quality, that must be reported also.


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                Go to the boat shows and look at the boats. They just plain suck. Its sad. I was at the AC show on Saturday, nothing has changed. The fit and finish is no better or worse than a Bayliner Trophy. The dealer didn't even have up to date brochures and was still using last years brochures. When I asked if they had 2005 Brochures they told me here "Take one of these, nothing has really changed" That really said it all for me.


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                  I know Brian Furst, he is a first rate guy. Getting up to date brochures has been frustrating. However, the quality and finish work is improving, thanks to guys like Brian and our new team running the North Carolina factory. I will be with Brian at the Miami show Feb.17-21. I would be happy to help in any way I can. Shankiee, where are you and your 21 bayshark located? I'll put you in touch with Brian or someone from our warranty dept.


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                    Greg… I am located in wonderful Lakeland Florida [88]. Have you read my article that’s labeled “ Mako boat warranty problems “ under this same topic? Maybe you can give me some insight on the problem that I’m having. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
                    01\' Mako BayShark 2100[br]200 Optimax[br]Lakeland Fl.


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                      However I can help.You can contact me via e-mail, and I'll give you my phone numbers. Sounds to me like the warranty was'nt transfered for whatever reason. I'll speak whith the factory reps for you. Hopefully, we can rectify your situation. I'll need the hull ID#, along with some other info.


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                        When I looked at the boats at the boat show I did not see a single Mako that was built with the quality and attention to detail that my 1982 224 was built with. The 23 Mako of today is not even close to the quality of design and building tecnique of my boat from 1982. The 25 of today does not even come close to the 25 of the 80s. Its just not even close. Thats why I think they should scrap almost the entire line and go back to some of the timeless quality designs of the past. People will buy them if they do it right.


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                          In the early 80's Mako couldn't produce the number of boats that are in demand today. As far as hull design goes they really have'nt changed that much.


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                            i certainly hope mako recovers their old quality.

                            the first step to fixing a problem is recognizing that you have a problem.

                            having said that, i still believe rehab is for quitters []
                            \'79 20\'[br]savannah


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                              Hey Guys, I've owned from 1975 to my 2003 Mako'. Prior to that a bunch of S.O.B.s

                              Apples for apples unfortunately can you name one manufactured product built the same as a few years ago? or for the same money!

                              I Just got a 2005 F250 superduty.... my 1999 was far more truck for $10k less. apples for apples same truck for same...

                              I am sorry I didnt just update and detail the 99 (on one hand) and on the other hand...I love the looks and luxury with a quieter diesel. The Fit and finish, Quality of the construction, even the carpet and floor mats have been calking @any of the bed seams, Guess I need to shell out for undercoat and bedliner if I want her to last near as long as the other.

                              sorry to rattle on but do you get my point[:-(] used to be that you got what you paid for[] my 2 cents.
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