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Power for a 230?

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  • Power for a 230?

    Glad to see your opinions on power options for a 1988 230. Just starting to fix it up, and I was thinking of a pair of 90hp or a single 300hp.
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    My 231 from day one was going to have a full transom installed w/bracket.

    Originally I wanted a pair of 115hp Suzuki 4 strokes. They were but a gleam in anyone's eye at that time. As time marched on it came to my attention that the 115's were not available in counter rotation.

    Then a SUPER deal fell in my lap for a pair of 140's w/ one counter rotator.

    The weight was not an issue, as there is not but 7lbs diffrence. The 140's are 420lbs and 90/115 427lbs according to Suzuki's site.

    Still together that's a lot of weight, so I opted for a LARGE body/tube on the bracket. It's 48in wide. Armstrong when I was in contact with them wanted to make it 40in wide.


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      Must have been a great project! The 230 has a short transom (twin20"/single25", and the bracket option is too expensive, so I'm improving the splashwell. Other than weight and cost, whats your opinion on twin vs single? Do you think the power I'm considering is enough?
      Past:[br]1988 Mako 230[br]1987 Mako 20C (best of them all)[br][br]1974 Mako 15[br]Miami, FL[br]


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        I'm still working on it. Your going to need to keep the weight down.

        I think in your case you would be happy with something like a 225 or 250 Etec Rude.

        How fast do you want to go. Speed cost's money.[]


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          i will throw my 2 cents in.... twins are nice however there is that cost factor inital out lay than the maintenance factor. with the reliability factor of modern outboards the odds of an engine shutting down are pretty slim-when was the last time your new car let you down?? a better option is a single engine with a 4 stroke kicker/auxillary motor.saves wieght and money


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            I am the original owner of a Mako 230 and still have it. I have always powered it with single Evinrude 225s. The 2004 Ficht on it right now is the third engine. The 225 push it to around 41 mph (36 knots) wide open. The boat seems to want to cruise at around 4000 to 4200 rpm which translates to about 31 mph (27 knots). The boat has bottom paint and a hard top with curtain.

            I don't think a pair of 90s would be a good match for this boat. 115s would do much better. However, the 115s may over-weigh the transom weight limit specifications. You might want to verify this. It is too bad because I think the pair of 115s would be a perfect setup.


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              A couple of two cents here.....[]

              My mechanic says counter rotation is over-rated in the new days of hydraulic steering. I have counter simply 'cause they came that way. Supposedly, the pull you get with a non-counter rotating system is offset by the fact the hydraulic steering piston doesn't allow the pull to be tranfered to the steering wheel. ([?])

              For fuel consumption, I would just about put a set of slightly over powered twins against a big single. From what I've seen of the 25s with singles, 2 mpg is about average. I get that with the twin 200s and cruise alot faster.

              For safety reasons, especially where weather can kick up, overpowered twins may offer a faster run in with the right prop change on a single engine (assuming a breakdown) vs coming in on a kicker. Not much safety and control in rough seas with a kicker.

              Both are feasible options. Best to just weigh your situation and the aplication for the boat, add in the finance consideration, and what the wife will let you get away with... [] Either way it's a great boat.[]
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                Thanks everyone. I'll do the math for a single 225 or twin 115s.
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