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Best Riding 23 to 25' hull??

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  • Best Riding 23 to 25' hull??

    I'd like to keep my boat around 23' so what would be the best hull for sloppy conditions offshore? not planning on going over 25 miles out very often. Thanks for any advice.... got some input that says the 80's hulls ride better than teh 70's. Are the 70's hulls more like the Mod V hulls we see more now a days? Thanks

    Scott[br]Atlantic Beach, NC

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    o/k it's a trade off! deep v hulls ride better in a sea than modified v hulls-ask any grady white owner why he is a regular chiro practor patient!! however the trade off is that a deep v hull will roll more a modified v hull is more stable. a modified v hull will require less horsepower to push than a deep v hull. you make the choice but remember it's a trade off. me i prefer an easier ride.the older 23's are modified v hulls the 25's are deep v hulls. i have a customer with a 1980 25 c/console rides great!! my own rig is a 1990 250 rides as good as my old 31 bertram and that's a fact!! get the tabs and rpm right and off ya' go.speed is not a factor because in my area{jersey shore}running off-shore 35+miles in a normal sea 3' if you can cruise at 25+or- knots than you are flying a mid size boat is not and i mean NOT no matter what any manufacture is gonna tell you gonna run 30kts in a 5-6'sea and once again that's a fact!!


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      Jaws is right, my dad's old grady bet the snot out of use in a 3 foot chop. His new 25' albei crushes 4 footers.