Thinking of trying to find a 23' Mako hull (possibly a 25') as a means to get a great classic hull that is capable of more offshore fishing at a reasonable price and happened upon this awesome site. If anyone could give me some advice, do's and don'ts, horror stories, realistic expectations, etc on looking for one of these hulls. I'm hoping to be able to buy a boat, repower it with a refurbished engine and get out somewhere under $20K. So I'm mostly looking fora 23' to keep engine costs down. Looking at minimum PROPER horsepower as well. I've seen 300hp on the 25' boats and 200hp on the 23's. What is everyone's advice? I need to keep fuel costs down. THinking of a 200hp Optimax or Yam HPDI if I can find one. Top end speed is not my concern but enough speed and hp is. I need to keep costs down overall since I'm using this for business to run fishing trips.

So what would you expect to pay for a 23' hull in the 1970's to 80's and how much work would I be looking at? HOw much will I have toshell out to refinish the interior of the boat and replace rotten wood considering a typical amount of wood rot, transom possibly, etc. I dont' want to get a hull for $4000 and then spend $5,000 on the glass and epoxy to fix it. Thanks for everyone's input ahead of time.