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    My father and I are considering a couple of other "projects" with our bracket/repower job on the 285. The goal is to basically fix up the boat to where we're set for the next 5-10 years (as opposed to buying a new boat). Since many of you have extensive experience in this area, especially with 1980's mako's, are there any concerns that should be addressed when we do our projects. I am particularly concerned with the follownng.

    1.) fuel tank - currently my 1989 boat has the original aluminum 300 gallon tank. Are there any issues that we should be aware of, or is now a good time to consider replacing the tank. If so, what would you go with? I understand that the main problem with aluminum tanks and moisture/corrosion is due to internal moisture. Is there any good way to inspect the tank without having to rip out the deck.

    2.) deck/hull/etc. - we have some minor crazing that is located above the hull/deck joint that was noted in the inspection done when I bought the boat in 1998. Boat was lift kept so this may have resulted from the lift that the previous owner had the boat on. Does not appear to have gotten any worse since purchased in 1998. Would a moisture test be recommended before spending the bucks for a new transom and motors?

    3.) our plans include re-wiring as well - anything to be particularly concerned about in this process (we plan to have a good boatyard that has good credentials to do this to make sure that all of the grounds are done properly for safety reasons).

    4.) transom work prior to prepare for bracketing - any mako related "issues"

    5.) anything else???
    Dallas, TX[br](Boat at Port Aransas, TX)

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    okay - I've done a search of this site and see there are items to address potentially in all of these areas.

    It looks like the best advice I have seen in the discussion forums is to (i) pull the deck plate and inspect the tank, lines and foam condition and (ii) have the hull moisture tested by a quality surveyor.

    Any other due diligence recommended before making the repower/bracket decision mentioned in the previous post?
    Dallas, TX[br](Boat at Port Aransas, TX)