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Fiberglass hard top on 253

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  • Fiberglass hard top on 253

    I recently purchased a 253 WA with the factory hardtop. THERE ARE NO FORWARD SUPPORTS. The pipe work is fashioned like a rader arch with two aft supports on each side. The hard top racks back and forth from side to side in moderate seas. All mounts are secure, but I am concerned that it may bust loose from where it is attached in short time. Has anyone had experience with this setup and does it hold up overtime.

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    I have looked at pictures of that top set up and I wondered how it

    would hold up. If you look at the picture of my top on basically

    the same boat you can see how many supprts I have AND I have

    still busted a weld or two. I would have a few more supports welded in.
    Apex NC [br]


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      That is what I was afraid of. Thank you for the feed back.