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Can the boat handle the engine

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  • Can the boat handle the engine

    I believe the Yami 200 hpdi would be a good re power choice to replace my 150 Johnson.

    My boat is a 94' Mako 201 CC, and max indicated hp is 200.

    The Johnson weighs 370lbs, and the Yami adds another 100 at 475 lbs.

    So the question is, will the heavier Yami stress the transom, or increase water spill over ?

    Any experienced answers out there ?

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    It will certainly handle it. I bought my 1987 Mako 20 with a 225 Evinrude and handled it like it was nothing. But I have always thought that 150hp is the perfect package for the 20. You won't gain a lot of speed, but a 200 will gulp more gas than a 150. Unless your pulling skiers, or hauling heavy cargo, I would go with a 150 direct injection for repowering. If you want to go nuts get a pair of 70-75 hp engines. I rode in ne with twin 70 and was awsome.
    Past:[br]1988 Mako 230[br]1987 Mako 20C (best of them all)[br][br]1974 Mako 15[br]Miami, FL[br]


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      Thanks for the info - appreciated.

      I believe that my Mako 201 is a different model than the 20.

      The 201 is deep vee, recessed tabs, holds 100 gallons of fuel

      and may be heavier.

      This is why I believe the 200 would push it better.

      My 150 Johnson cruises about 28mph at 4,500 rpm, and 35mph

      when perfectly trimmed out at full throttle - 5,600 rpm.

      I'd like to be able to cruise around 30mph at 4,000 or so, and

      top end over 40 mph.


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        I have a 1994 201 Mako I've just re-powered the boat with a 2006 200 Suzuki 4 stroke. I have had no problems with the engine it sounds and runs great! I thought the weight of the engine would be a problem but so far the boat sits and plains nice in the water. I always keep in the back of my mind the weight issue on the transom; I trailer the boat and watch every time I used the boat to see if I get any additional spider cracks on the transom.


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          I'm really psyched now - You actually have a Mako model 201 - the on produced only from 94- 96', and you put a 200hp on it !!!

          Wow, because it's not a very common model, although I like the boat quite a bit.

          What performance #'s are you getting - cruising rpm / speed and full speed ?

          Also - how does it come up on plane compared to the previous engine ? My 150 Ocean Pro runs fine, just not a rocket off the line, and such.


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            I have a 1994 201 Also, I just put a bracket on her last year and she runs 100% Better, I have her powered now with a 200 Yamaha, there is at least a 10MPH Gain with the bracket. I had a 175 before and converted it to a 200.
            [br] My 1994 201 Deep V with Armstrong Bracket and 200HP Yamaha[br]


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              What ever gave you the idea to go bracket ?

              This is interesting. Want to tell the story ?

              Plus, what are your speed #'s, and how is the ride different ?


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                Hello fellow 201 owners, mine is a 1992 201 deluxe center console. It came with a Yamaha 200 two stroke which is the max hp for this model. It's a deep v with a 60 gallon fuel tank but it does not have the recessed trim tabs, Lenco add ons. No issues with a wet deck as of yet[] It has the standard notched transom, Intertrim T-Top, freshwater washdown, in deck livewell etc. Regards, Jerry aka Zoo Dog
                92 Mako 201[br]92 Yamaha 200[br]Seguin, TX


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                  Thanks for your info on your 92' model 201.

                  The 201 that I'm inquiring about, and have is the one produced only from 94' - 96'. It came with a slightly different hull, 100 gallon tank, recessed tabs, smaller notched transom.

                  I'm asking about anyone who has one with the 200hp max ( odd that it was the max and not 225 ) and what performance #'s they are getting.



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                    The Mako 201 is about two feet too short and needs the bracket. The bracket changes the whole ride of this boat. She planes quicker, gets better fuel economy, has a faster cruise and top end and handles the seas much better. Before the Bracket she had a Top end of about 32 MPH I now cruise at about that and have a Top end of about 42 MPH with the 200 Hp Yamaha. The bracket also adds some buoyancy to the back and distributes the pressure across the entire transom instead of just where those 4 bolts go through so if you wanted you could go to a 225HP and be OK. Plus having that large swim platform with the Armstrong dive ladder is very nice.
                    [br] My 1994 201 Deep V with Armstrong Bracket and 200HP Yamaha[br]


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                      Sounds great. A bit surprised that you were getting only 32mph with a Yami 200. My 94' Johnson Ocean Pro carb'd gives me about 26mph at 4300rpm, and 35mph at full - 5500rpm.

                      You sound very pleased with the set up now though.

                      I've been pleased with the ride characteristics of my 201.

                      It's proving to be seaworthy and strong.

                      Your bracket is interesting. Must have been a fairly significant investment, unless you did it yourself.


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                        it was a 175Hp before, I changed the Carbs and made it into a 200hp at the same time I was installing the bracket. you can pick up a bracket for around $1500 and a rebuilt Yamaha for around 4,000 and it will last you about 10 years.
                        [br] My 1994 201 Deep V with Armstrong Bracket and 200HP Yamaha[br]