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Outboard Repair Manuels???

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  • Outboard Repair Manuels???

    My father has a 1996 150 Evinrude, and I am looking for a good outboard repair manuel for it. Any ideas? I also have a question about extending the shaft on a 1997 115hp Johnson. I have found a very good deal on one but it is a 20in. and I need a 25in. Has anyone ever done this?Money would not be that big of an issue, since the motor is such a good deal.Once again I appreciate everyones help and I can't wait to get my boat out of the shop so I can do some fishing.

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    1st thing on the manual. Don't waste your money on a aftermarket manual like Clymer.[xx(]

    Go to the local Rude dealer and order the Factory Manual. While your there order the Factory Part's Manual for that motor.

    Take your model and serial number with you. You will be VERY happy you did.


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      Tht's the best advice. I did that back in '88 when I got a pair of 200 Johnsons. Been using the service manual and parts list eve since. One of the best buys I ever made.

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        To extend the engine to 25in. you will need an inner and outer exhaust housing (midsection), driveshaft, shiftrod, and a water pump extension tube. You will have to remove the powerhead, completely disassemble the lower unit to change the driveshaft, and unless you get a used midsection with good rubber mounts you will probably have to buy new mounts. On an engine that old, if it's seen alot of saltwater you probably won't be able to swap them over.
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