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  • 25 Footer on Ebay

    Looks super clean...

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    The pix's are just far enough away not to show good detail. the way they installed the latch's make good toe stubbers.

    What's with the transom all Black. Something's not right.


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      Originally posted by warthog5

      What's with the transom all Black. Something's not right.

      The black part of the transom looks to be some sort of reinforcing plate. []

      Hatches aren't shaped properly....

      Leaning post looks to be banged up....

      Isn't there supposed to be some sort of trim around the under-gunwale rod lockers?

      Does the color of that powerhead look right?

      Notice the debris in the background of the last pic...... I think she may be a hurricane victim. []
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        Its got the good and bad.. the front storage on sides of fishbox has been has been leveled. (plus+One flat front deck) takin away those boxes leaves not much,already lack of space. RUDEATTITUDE has the idea of making the fish box taller to make it level with the boxes (port&starbord) to give you the similiar deck as the 80's mako
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