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good website for parts???

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  • good website for parts???

    Can someone one give me a good website that sales parts(new or used) such as tachs,speedometers,etc for OMC motors.I also need a control box for a 115hp Johnson, would like it to be OMC.The boat I purchased had everything removed from it ,and while it is being worked on at the shop I would like to start purchasing some gear.

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    I've ordered from these guys a few time and they seem to be well priced:

    The b4est thing to do is do an internet search for what you are looking for. You can find deals if you put enough time and effort into it. Plus, you have time to be patient and can wait for deals to happen. I'm doing the same. Buying things as deals come up. I bought a Morse SL-3 twin control last week for $280 brand new [][:x)][]. Looked for one for 1 month before buying.

    Good luck
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      If you haven't used it or don't know about it, try

      Use it like Google except it searches for the item you put in and returns prices and where, then you can sort on price. Just plug in the item description. Good way to search wide range of locations and prices quickly. You can then check what you get back against some of your favorite places and take your pick of where to buy.

      Other good sites for deals, not necessarially boat related though: and

      Happy Shopping!!!
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