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22b project.... the begining

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  • 22b project.... the begining

    a few months back i purchased the 22b outta brick,nj. well, now its time to start cutting...

    the forward deck,it may be coming out, its sound(no soft spots), but i just want access to the voids below for storage, those little storage slots are damn near usless, unless you wanna store a paddle/boathook/gaff.

    the new console is already built, its more like the consoles off the 25-28cc's(6 inches wider, 8 inches taller, space to flush mount plenty of electronincs), also the drink box on front of the console is gone. hydralic stering, all new wiring, still havent found the switch panel i want, but im close..

    batteries will also bemoved to the console

    leaning post was swapped for a more functional baitwell/tackle locker..

    the main/aft deck is getting cut out sometime this week, along with the catch all sternlockers, in their place will be a decent sized fish box, built below decks

    the splash well...well, its getting attention to im ditching the old teak splash hatch to a bomar, something that'll keep water out

    on the up side, the sringers are all good, transom still solid,the fuel tank (90g) was in very good shape, the only rot was where the t top was screwed down(no 5200), t top is in good shape, and the old 90' evenrude 225 got through til the first of december...gotta 225 yamaha in the crate waiting to be hung.

    has anybody removed the forward deck on a 22b, i pretty sure of what is under the deck(stringer wise) but it'd be nice to know defenatly before i start cutting.

    im sure i forgot something, but itll have to wait....

    dan davis [br] va beach, va

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    PIX'S [] We gott'a have Pix's.[][]

    How to post pix's.


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      Sounds like a agressive plan of attack, If you want to post your unwanted items in the classified section and maybe generate some cash for the project!!! Is that old Rude still a good motor??
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        yeah, the 'rude still runs ,damn good infact, but i had the opertunity to get a 4 stroker at a steal(people i work for bought 25-225 yamaha's) so i couldn't refuse the price.

        the guy doing my wiring and most of my glass work (fairing/sanding)is getting the motor and wiring harness-shifter.

        i will be parting with the leaning post(its to high for my comfort, plus it needs rod holders-simple job, just never did it), several of the hatches-bilge hatch and the livewell hatch,both are teak. possiby the old console too(to short for me) original mako rod holders(4)-their bronze-ish colored, and dont not sure if they were made that way,or if they are just clogged w/ debris. the cleats, well bigger is better.

        the console has the alum. tubing style windsheild grab rail, not the badass trademark mako grabrail...the windscreen is also in good shape.

        i wont be able to get pix for a few weeks, but i can email or post(hopefully) them when i get home.

        im looking for a pattern or maybe a set of the under gunnel rod boxes that ive seen on several of th boats on here, i wanna remover the inboard side of the gunnel, and build a box accordingly, but ive got more functional things to work on first.

        dan davis [br] va beach, va