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  • My latest endeavors

    Sorry not boat related. But at least the Mako is in the pixs.

    Here is the house of pain and suffering. One day we will have a ClassicMako rendevous here.[]

    The wife had a few plants put in so the friggin pansy ass HOA wouldn't sue my ass for not following their dumb rules. Hehe! I'll probably get sued for still having the Mako in the driveway. F--- 'em.

    Heres what I've been slaving over for the last several weekends. This sucker has been hell. I can't tell you how hard it is to make baseboards bend around a raduis. I'm even using MDF for the curved walls and I still have to score the back with my miter saw.

    I've done all the baseboards and shoe molding in the foyer. I spent a weekend alond staining the treads and bannister on the staircase, and then priming the skirting and kickplates. I probably have 2 more solid weekends of painting on the staircase, plus I still have to seal the stained portions with 2 coats! Then I have to paint the baseboards and put another coat of sealer on the front doors! WOW! I may never finish.

    Oh I forgot, I may be painting those spindels for the next 30 years! Those things take forever to paint... And there is about 100 of them.

    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance

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    GAWD BLESS AMERICA and that house, and screw the Homeowners associations. Heck should have ask for some help!!!!Many diverse follks on here. Not too many words for that one except ENJOY!!!BEAUTIFUL!!!!


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      How come the trim guy did finish the job?
      Apex NC [br]


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        If you have more moulding to put up, at least put some primer on them before you install them, and even put one coat of paint on them, Then go back and do the finish coat after installation.


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          That is a house you can be proud of till your passing day. Its a good thing I live in the country as I have 5 boats on the property and 3 more inside. Heck they would just shoot me!! Again beautiful house Ed. dave
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            Eddie.. Beautiful house. Looks like a lot of love went into that one.

            I am in the process of moving from a Home Owners Ass. neighborhood because of the boat... [][:x)] After many debates, they issued me a warning letter, then a sitation for the boat in the driveway for $350. To provoke the rich, arrogant bastards, I took them to the books and hired a lawyer, who happens to be a fishing friend, and contacted the HMA and warned the sitation may be in the courts for months, even years, after all the appeals he would file... my expense= a fishing trip []... At the last HMA meeting, I stood up and thank them all for helping me to decide to sell the house... at a 22% profit over 2 years.. thanks to the mansions they were building. It was absolute redemption []
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              I don't plan to keep the boat in the driveway permantenly. Eventually I'll have a dock and keep the boat on a covered lift. If I ever get a bigger Mako, I'll keep it in a boat shed.

              I got rid of the trim carpenters and painters because I just plain ran out of money. The painter was costing 5-6K a week! I hate painting, but I didn't have 30K to spend on painting much less anything by the time this monstrosity was nearing completion.

              I can do trim carpentry better than the hired hands, but I just don't have the time to do it. Gotta remember, I was raised in a garage watching my old man build stuff like this:

              see more at:

              But I was simply out of money there too.

              I had begun to paint the baseboards one weekend. I had them all on the garage floor (88 x 18' sections of the stuff) I primed every piece and got about 20 of them hit with a first coat of top coat. I was sailing along with my old Binks sprayer. I was planning to finish the following weekend and then put them all up myself, but somehow someone got hired to do it that week. It would have taken me a while to base that house by myself, so I was glad to turn the job over to the trim carpenter... But at the same time I would have liked to have finished painting the stuff first. Oh well... too late.

              For the ceiling molding (mostly double and triple crown and is not yet purchased) I will absolutely paint 3 top coats on the ground... Then nail it up, fill the holes, and just touch up the nail holes. I'm not gonna kill myself on a ladder. These are 12' ceilings!!

              You guys would have laughed your asses off at me the other night. I have a 10' ladder, but had to reach the top of the transom above my front doors... Its about 15' from the floor. I had 2 cinder blocks under each leg of my ladder and I was on the top step of the ladder with a 83" piece of mahogany molding in one hand and a nail gun in the other. I really needed to run the piece through the miter saw once more to take 1/16" off, but I said to myself "this is stupid enough, I'm only doing it once." Later I may rent a bigger ladder and take the piece down and fix it, but I asked Kristie to look at it and she can't see the corners don't line up... Its too high to notice the flaws! I'm not going to even bother trying to fill the holes, the trim gun counter sinks the nails so from the floor and the stairs, you can't see the nail holes.

              This house is more house than I wanted, but the wife built what she wanted. I just wanted a big garage and to live on the water. We are catching rat reds (14-16" redfish) in the evening off of my bulkhead right now!!! mI just sit on a bucket and do my thing. Nasty dead shrimp carolina rigged... Fish the drop off. I'll put up with the HOA for that in my backyard. In the Spring, we'll be catching 16-24" trout off the bulkhead at night.[]

              The 2nd floor isn't finished... All we did was screwed up the sheetrock and had plumbing and electrical roughed in. I have lots to keep me busy in there, but I won't have any need for the upstairs for a few more years.

              Once I finish the downstairs, I will be full time back to work on the Mako. Anyone wanna help??
              Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                Eddie, The place looks great and a terrific place for the family compound and friends of :-)
                Justin- Malvern, PA[br]20 Mako fish from[br]22 Mako work on


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                  That place is huge, and that's a ton of work. But it looks awesome. It also looks like you are almost there. Good Luck.
                  1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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                    When I did my crown moulding, an good cheat I learnt was to first nail up lengths of 1 x 3/4 right up where wall meets ceiling. And you only need to hit every third stud or so, so that's very fast.

                    Then, as you're putting up the moulding, the benefit is that you don't ALSO have to worry about hitting studs with your nails, and in the corners you've got many more locations/directions you can nail to make the moulding really fit. I'll post a pic tonight from home.
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                      Man, cavities been good to you....
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                        Very nice Ed. You should be proud of it.

                        A cabinet maker, on the side house builder friend of mine told me that the only room that should be perfect is the bathroom. It's the one room that you don't have much to do except look around[(#)]
                        2003 Boston Whaler 255 Conquest w/ twin 200 HPDI\'s. MA & ME


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                          Your new house is SWEET! After working so hard on it Ill bet gutting a Mako is a cake walk huh. Good luke to you and your familly. I guess getting a deal on some dentistry is pretty much out of the question.[88]


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                            Don't read too much ino the house and my career. Actually dentistry hasn't been very good to me. I am below average as far as what a dentist earns... but to be quite honest with you, I'm a very capabel dentist. As far as the house goes, I owe alot of different people alot of favors and money. The house was contracted by my in-laws... so we saved there. They built this house big so that they could use it as a marketing tool to display a true custom home for future clients. I do alot of odd jobs and favors as a result of it. I still owe them plenty for the land and a bit of the construction costs (about 50% that they are nice enough to defer repayment until we get on our feet better)... I have the other 50% financed through the banks and I put my life savings into it as well already.. I am really in way over my head until our dental practicing situation gets better. I had hoped that we both (Kristie and I) would have improvement in our incomes in 2004, but instead we both made 20% less than 2003. That hurt us big time. We are in the process of trying to open our own dental practice, and if that works out, I will be able to pay off the in-laws in a few years... not to mention build a dock and get a bigger Mako to tear apart.

                            The reason we built now and not in 5-10 years when we could afford it is simple... 5.25% interest won't be around forever. And on a house like this that interest rate will save me a ton.

                            I'll be working on the thing for many years to come. Its by no means lavish on the inside and we don't have enough furniture to fill 1/2 of the downstairs. I don't know how in the world I'll furnish the upstairs????

                            If any of you guys lived closer, I would be glad to see you as a patient and I'd take pretty good care of you on the fee side. I'm always glad to trade services too. Gary, I may need my Mako painted one day[]
                            Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                              Thanks Ed,

                              I was only kidding about the dental work. I have a dentist, shes good but she is a pirate. I know the feeling about home prices. I want to get into a bigger house but the prices here are off the map. So I decided to piss away all my money on boats. You should practice here and you could own a fleet of boats and I could be you painter.[]