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Proper battery chargers

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  • Proper battery chargers

    I understand that trickle chargers can overheat batteries.

    What are the best chargers to keep the batteries in good charge

    over the winter ?

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    Hello Bgreene

    The best way that I found to store batteries in the off season is charge them two amps overnight and then just stick them on a piece of wood and store in basement or cool dry spot

    Bob K 1984 254

    Boston Ma


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      Used a two bank onboard charger purchased from Bass Pro Shop all last season. Just plug the boat up when you get home and unplug it before you leave. The batterys were always charged and very little hassle. One of the best things ever purchased for boating. I wonder why I did not do it sooner.

      1971 17 Standard[br]Clemson SC


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        This site has everything you want to know about battery charging:
        Mako 212[br]Monmouth Beach[br]New Jersey


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          I'm with RD...

          We put a guest two bank smart charger in the boat a few years ago. We just leave it plugged in all winter, check water level occasionally.

          Best money ever spent, can leave livewell on for extended periods at the dock, never have to worry about a dead batter b/c someone left a switch on.
          1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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            The proper battery charger depends on two things -- I know, no easy answers [];

            1. The type of batteries they're charging. Deep cycle/Starting/Dual Purpose each require different type of charging. The good news is that there are chargers that'll do all three.

            2. How are you charging them? Plug and forget? An hour or two and unplug? Regardless, I think you want a phased charger. By that I mean one that starts out say, at 10amps, then drops to 4-6 amps, then finally a trickle charge to keep the battery "Topped Off".

            If money's no object ($2-300) and there's room under your console, a built in charger is the best thing going. You just plug in an extension cord to the outlet and walk away. The good ones operate as a phased charger, then once the battery is fully charged, it shuts down, then occassionally "senses" the battery to see if there's been any discharge. Mine came with stainless steel mounting hardware -- no corrosion.

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              I just ordered one yesterday. A Minnkota MK 440.



              I installed a Minnkota MK 220 in my neighbors boat and really liked it.

              Fully automatic 3-stage charging

              Automatic temperature compensation


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                Mine came with stainless steel mounting hardware -- no corrosion.

                What kind did you buy and where did you get it?
                Mako 212[br]Monmouth Beach[br]New Jersey


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                  Has anyone tried a charger from Bass Pro? You normally get what you pay for, but boy the price sure is nice. For $60 you would have to go through four of them until you spent the same money on the other chargers.

                  Rd - do you run your boat in saltwater or fresh? How is your charger holding up?

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                  1985 Mako 20c - sold
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                    Go with a good name brand. My time is limited enough, I dont need to get to the boat to find out the thing malfunctioned and cooked my batteries or drained them dead.

                    I went with guest do to the customer service I saw on another board. There was a girl from guest who answered questions and in two instances offered to replace units that were waaaay out of warranty, no questions asked. She got my business.
                    1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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                      I have not run the boat the charger is on in saltwater, but will be swapping it to my new/old Mako before Spring. It will be used about twice a year in saltwater after that. The model I have is the Bass Pro XPS 4/4, it has held up fine and is made by Pro Mariner( 2 year warranty). Seemed to be a good value.

                      I have also seen post on other boards from Sue at Guest and will have to agree about Guest having exceptional customer service.
                      1971 17 Standard[br]Clemson SC