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Mako 171 T-top?

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  • Mako 171 T-top?

    I'm a newbie member to the group, and newbie owner of a Mako 171 standard, (w/115 Yamaha). Was wondering about a T-top for the boat. Think a 171 is too small for a T-top? (unstable, etc.) Thanks for any input. For a life long sailor-coverted....these are great boats. Thanks. Kevin Hansz. [email protected]

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    Hi Kevin,

    Beleive me I have thought about it for a long time and have come to the conclusion that a 17 is too small. My consol is 24" wide and even at that it would take up too much floor space. I think your best bet is a folding bimini top. Gary


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      If you want to see what a t-top would look like on a 17 Mako there is one on boattrader. It has a beautiful top on it. However, I am with Gary, it would take up too much room.

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        To each his own. If you want a top, then get a top. I put a modular top on my 17 Classic that I bought from Shoreway Marine in New Jersey for about $500. The only obstacle that it created was that I could not longer use the consul mounted rod holders for rods longer then 5.5 feet. I compensated by adding more around the boat and to the trailing edge of the top. This particular top did have stability issues when operating in nasty rough conditions (I did not have all of the stabilizer cables installed), but it was wonderful on those nice hot sunny summer days.

        You can have a custom top made to any size that you want if the standard top is too large for your liking..
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          A couple of years ago Florida Sportsman ran a restored 17 Mako in its One Mans Dreamboat section. The boat was Fightin Lady Yellow and had a T-top and was rigged for sailfishing. The boat actually looked really good. You would have to be careful with the dimentions of the top. If you make it to big or too tall it will look out of proportion on the boat and will look out of place. You may want to track that article down.


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            Has anyone seen a t-top with the 171 with a tilting console?
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              I put a T-top on a 17 and I think it looks good. I'll post pictures later. It really didn't take any space away, but it did give me something to hold on to when running or being waked. Also, that piece of shade in the summer time is great, and if you add an enclosure you can hide from the rain or the cold.
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       203 982 6322 bethany,ct custom t tops /leaning posts/ arches/hardtops/towers etc