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'05 San Diego Boat Show / Intl Marina Conf

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  • '05 San Diego Boat Show / Intl Marina Conf

    Hi all, just got back to Virginny from San Diego, where they say it is sunny for 360 days of the year. Apparently I was there for the other 5. I was there for the International Marina Conference, but our first day there was the last day of the San Diego Boat Show.

    My thoughts and observations...

    Mako didn't show, but after a thorough walk-through of the show, it dawned on me (this is probably nothing new to many of you) that the SoCal boat market is MUCH different and much more polarized than that which extends from the Gulf Coast to New England. While there were a few East-coast-originated boats like Parker and Boston Whaler, the room they took up on the show floor didn't compare to the number of freshwater ski boats and bass boats. The opposite end of the spectrum was occupied by the 30'-40' cuddy sportfish (there were VERY few CC's) and the 40'+ clorox bottles like Doral, Sea Ray, etc. I was surprised to see no in-betweeners like the 17-23' Makos that so many of our members have.
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    Could the lack of CC's be related to the water temperature?

    The first time I surfed a contest in California (Oceanside) I just about turned blue after 15 minutes in the water while trunking-it. Lucky for me I'd brought a wetsuit with me, but I learned then why the left-coasters wore full suits year-round. That Japan current is COLD! [:u]
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      California boat shows have sucked for years. They are getting better. I'm headed off to one tomorrow... I'll bring my camera. Too many yuppies on this side of the country. Not as many people into sportfishing/hunting as there are on your side of the country. CC's have gained some popularity over the years however the majority of off shore boats are cuddy's. Thats just the way it's been. The wind and the fog can be chilling this time of the year. That said I have always wondered why the north east has more CC's then the west coast.. it is colder over there then it is over here.

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        Maybe because there are just a bunch of wusses over there.[:x)] Everyone seemed to be freaking out about all the "weather". It was 65 degrees and the women were wearing fur-lined coats and boots, scarves, gloves, knitted caps, etc. It rained for 5 days in SD and people were already mentioning wanting to move away.
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          For what its worth there arnt that many cc here on the great lakes either. compared to fla. or east coast. Its a weather thing here. There are more every year. I never have a problem selling my used center consoles though.
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