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    I just attended the New York Boat Show. My first stop the Mako display.Wanted to compare the 05 21' to my 85 224. Nice boat $40,000 with T top and a 150 2 stroke. I feel the 150 is a bit

    small but still and all a nice boat. The disappointing part was the

    annoying sales people. As soon as I walked in the were on me, I

    told them I already owned a Mako and that I was getting info for my older son. Immediatly she responded that if I give her my credit card she can hold a boat for 2 weeks so my son can decide. I explained I was only looking , so guess what she does,she comes

    back with another high pressure sales guy. He gave me the same rap,

    he did not even want me to keep the brochure all he kept telling me was for $500 he could hold a boat.These boats sell themself's as with anything else when you are ready to buy ,you buy.Too bad I wanted to hang out at the dispaly and take all the new models ,but they made it impossible.

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    Sounds to me like Mako needs to start building boats like they used to and they wouldnt need to push their sales so hard. Its kinda dissapointing when you think about it.


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      One other thing , when you start feeling like your boat may be out of style ,ar your dropping too much cash on the old girl, take a look at some prices. 30 ft Grady $395,000.


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        I hate pushy sales people.[xx(] Most of them don't even know their product.

        QUOTE: Immediatly she responded that if I give her my credit card she can hold a boat for 2 weeks so my son can decide.

        I would have snapped back. HA! These a fat [email protected]#king chance of that. NOT!


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          Easy boys. Not all of us sales guys are like that.

          A brand new 30 Grady Marlin is around $180,000 depending on how it is rigged.


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            for 180,000....i'll buy a 35 foot duffy with a e7mack 600 hp engine that does 25 knots....
            24 Privateer customized by Hurricane Sandy[br]


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              I HEAR YA !


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                Not that it matters now But Poveromo was selling his 212 with a 250 Verado top of the line electronics package Float on trailer The Extras A GP edition will have 2 months ago $38k
                2003 George Poveromo Edition 171 [br]2005 Merc Opti 115


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                  Originally posted by mudshark

                  30 ft Grady $395,000.

                  Actually, it's the new 36 footer with trip-250's that is somewhere in the high 300k's (or so I've heard quoted). I've heard it reported that they come loaded, with only 2 or 3 additional available options.

                  Not that I'd ever be a prospective buyer... Too rich for my blood.
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                    thats rediculous.....absolutely nuts to spend on a grady white......

                    45 foot mdi with twin 3412's is less

                    42 foot Dixon with twin v12's is less than that

                    a 65 foot aluminum partyboat with twin 1271TI's is less than that.....
                    24 Privateer customized by Hurricane Sandy[br]