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newbie w/ question 25'

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  • newbie w/ question 25'

    I am brand new to this board. Of course I spend way too much time fishing, preparing to go fishing, and now that winter is here ,wishin' I was fishin'. I came to this sight to learn a little more about Mako's, more specifically older Mako's. I recently heard of a 19?? 25' straight inboard for what I consider to be litle money. I always considered the Mako's I've been on 22' or 23' to be inshore boats, very low deadrise and lower gunwales. I associated these traits to older Mako's in general but have , since tonight, learned differently. Are any of you familiar with a straight inboard 25 footer? Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome Aboard Art. Please put your hometown/state in your siginature, so it will show on each of your post's.

    The low deadrise, low gunwale is usually found on the early '70's boats.

    The inboards have their place. Most folks are in a hurry to get to the fishing grounds. The inboards are slow boats. Top put at maybe 30mph.

    Iknew a guy that fixed a '74 23ft inboard. He put a new 351 Ford in it.

    It wasn't fast enough, so he hoped up the motor. It still wasn't fast enough so he put a brand new 454 Chevy in it. I kinda lost track of him, but I heard he sold it not long after that.


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      At you will find a link to Mako boat specs from 1968 until 2000. It shows a 25 foot inboard built in 1968. It must have been a beast because it had a beam of 10 feet. A few years later they came out with a 26 inboard that was made a few years longer. It too had a 10 foot beam. I am sure the 26 came with twin inboards and I would bet the 25 did as well. I have never seen pictures of the 25 foot inboard. Good luck and welcome to the board.

      Columbus, Georgia[br]1973 Mako 17 angler \"Reel\'s Angler\"