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Glide Strips On Bunkers

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  • Glide Strips On Bunkers

    I am considering replacing my perfect tandem, bunk trailer

    with a roller trailer with brakes.

    I have come to the realization that a trailer with Brakes will

    serve me better for the amount of close calls I had Last year while

    trailering my Mako 191. Traffic between Boston and Cape Cod is erratic at best.

    To add Brakes onto my current trailer is no big deal, the local

    Marina quoted me about $ 600.00 for the parts to do myself.

    The problem is that I would also like to add rolletrs to assist in

    an easier launch/retrieve. When I add on roller kit the cost is

    prohibitive and I should just replace the trailer. However, I would

    like to solict opinions on the glide strips that can be added to the bunkers. Bottom line, would they make a significant difference on a painted bottom.

    In advance, thanks for the advise.

    Capt Bob

    191 Mako

    Cape Cod, MA

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    I know that many boats have been damaged by sliding off the trailer when backing down a ramp. That should tell you something. []

    Also, rollers do not give as much support to the hull so if you are doing a lot of trailering bunks are preferred.
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      Ah, tell me what you will be buying for six bucks??What type of trailer do you have now, like brand, axles and stuff? Stop and lets look a this a minute here. Also, do you power load your boat?


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        Several years ago we refitted our bunker trailer and at the time had a source of virgin teflon in wide strips. We installed this over the carpet with alumnium strips. I am not sure what the glide strips are but I think this is a similar set up?

        Anyway, the boat did screaming off the trailor the first time we put it in. We anticipated this and did not unhook the boat from the trailer until the boat and trailer was in the water. You just have to be careful.

        We have now added bunkers further up the boat and removed the cross member that keel of the boat got scuffed up on all the time. The added bunks do not have teflon on them and the boat is a bear to get off the trailer.

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          We added the strips to a buddy of mines trailer. 231 proline on it.

          It made a hell of a diffrence. As Sailor said. Do NOT unhook the strap until the boat's in the water.


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            I agree about the glide strips, they are especially slick when they are wet (ie. pulling your boat up). Don't like the roller bunks. With everything considered, I'll stick with my bunks and carpet.

            Brakes are a no brainer, always better to have than not. The new electronic brakes are nice and I'll be upgrading my current surge brakes to them next time I need an over haul on my brake system.
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              I moved this from the classifieds over to here.
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                Hey CApt Bob-

                I hear your pain. The ramps around Massachusetts and New England in general are very, very steep and as a result winching a boat onto bunks is a complete bitch. My last trailer was a bunk trailer and even after adding bunk glides...I said the heck with it and sold it. I now have a Magic Tilt aluminum roller trailer and easily winch my boat on without a problem.

                Go with a roller trailer and you will be very happy. Give Rick at Coastline Trailers in Falmouth a call. I bought my trailer from him before I got in the business and he was very easy to deal with.



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                  Could you show us a picture
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                    I know some folks that spray Armour All - or the like - on the carpet.

                    Makes it slick as owl shit.
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                      Have a number of friends with the teflon strips on the bunks that like them after getting used to.

                      A note of caution with any bunk trailer.... Strap your boat down to the trailer in the rear. either from lift eyes or across side to side. In the Keys FHP will ticket you without!

                      I encourage everyone to add a cross bar or sturdy eye bolt with a length of chain to the (Painter) Bow eye, and a turnbuckle to the trailer. I unfortunately have seen too many accidents where the Boat continues forward motion thru the trailer crank post and into and over the pickup/SUV cab. I use the spring loaded tie down (turnbuckle) used to secure a slide in camper to the truck! works great with no tools.

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