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  • Better get Mako.....

    Otto on the Classic SeaCraft board for posting this....
    Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD

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    Not so sure I like the Yankee reference.... If it makes my boat retain some of it's value.. god bless, knock the crap out of the competition and sell some boats.
    Tim[br]1981 19 (project)[br]prior 1978 17 angler (sold)[br]


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      Talk is cheap... Many of us are waiting to see some action -- and product. I saw the new Mako 212 at the Tampa Boat Show and was less than impressed.

      Perhaps they'll get things turned around over the next few years. I hope they're successful.

      Happy New Year,

      Prop Blast
      Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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        salty was the article refering to the Yankees ball club with their huge payroll and star power not winning the championship? Mako's new big names does not automatically mean great product rolling out of the back door. Lets hope for a return to glory to the classic Mako.
        1983 21b[br]Waveland,MS


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          It would be nice to see them come back with a very good product at a reasonable cost. It could happen but personaly I don't think that it will. Companies in this country just don't opperate like that anymore. Wall St. and the stock holders won't allow it.[B)][]
          2003 Boston Whaler 255 Conquest w/ twin 200 HPDI\'s. MA & ME


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            I found it encouraging that he spent time at Boston Whaler. While I'm a bigger fan of the design and functionality of the Mako, you never see or hear of quality problems with a Whaler - even through their bad times. My hope is that Mako will get into the mind set of not letting anything out of the door unless it's near perfect.
            SCMako17[br]1990 Mako 230 WA[br]Yamaha 200 2-stroke[br]Greenville, SC


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              I disagree...for what they want for new MAKO's, they should be perfect. The name is established....for direction(improvement areas) ask the owners for ideas. Produce a product that has no compromises and it will sell itself. Tony.[][]
              79 Mako 23[br]85 Wellcraft 18 fisherman[br]Hammond, La.


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                I saw the new Makos at the Tampa boat show as well. I wouldn't pay for one of those things in 100 years. Terrible layout and design. who are they making these things for, and who is buying them? The only reason I look at them at all these days is to see just how much worse they get year to year.
                1975 23\' Tampa,FL