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  • HolySmokepics


    Here are the images from the catalog you asked for.


    Columbus, Georgia[br]1973 Mako 17 angler \"Reel\'s Angler\"

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    Holy Smoke... Did I send you those brochure scans a few months back when you were shopping the boat?
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      Dang, That Euro transom looks like it eats up a lot of boat space.


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        Thanks alot,

        Eddie, I do have the one you sent me on file thanks again, I have to send you another

        15.00 my wifes like " where is my shirt" I blamed it all on you []

        Bobby, the Euro really does eat up some space its tight fishing more than 3 people,

        the tradeoff is the big cuddy and with a few little one's its worth it to keep them

        happy and give them a big place to crash.

        I was looking a the X-Shark files just now....I am blown away at the level of detail

        you are putting into that project. It looks awsome.

        I was all ready to buy a navman fuel flow meter when I found out it will not read

        below 1500-1800 rpms the Suzuki's dont use enough fuel to spin the transducer.

        so I am ordering the floscan tomorrow.

        My buddy Gavin runs the Shamrock board I am stirring up a Mako vs Shamrock

        event in Hatteras this year I will keep you all posted.
        Apex NC [br]