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    Well guys, I got the oops of thr week award today. I went down to one of the marinas yesterday to remove a boot stripe on a 26 Regulator. After spending 3 hrs getting it off I called my customer to ask him where the new stripe was. My customer sounded a little perplexed and told me " Gary thats not my boat" OOPS! I called the owner of the Regulator and told him he got a free new boot stripe for christmas. Stupid mistake but good for a laugh. Needless to say I put the right stripe on the right boat, a 35 Marlago.

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    Oops! Not quite as bad as pulling the wrong tooth (which I've never done)... But I have gotten the wrong side numb once before.

    Hope the Regulator owner was understanding.
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      Gary... My neighbor wants his boat waxed and detailed. He has the Dark Blue Mako 250 hull with 'Rude Attitude on it. Says he'll pay you tomorrow.... [88]

      When I bought my new trailer, the dealer I bought it from was closed, but he said "I'll leave it outside with my boat on it. Just launch the boat and leave it in slip 22". I proceeded to the dealer a little later than expected, grabbed the boat/trailer out front, launched the boat and left it in slip 22. 2 days later after getting back from Venice, the guy calls me and asks if I still wanted the trailer (??). Seems someone had left their boat there for servicing and I'd left it in slip 22 !! Police understood and no charges were filed. []
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        Eddie, I wasn't aware that there was such a thing as a "wrong" place to be numb![:x)]

        Hooray for Beer!
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