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    Thanks in advance for anyone that offers an opinion. I am looking to upgrade my little 1988 20' mako. I am looking to safely venture farther offshore and have been looking at 241 hulls. I came across a 254 recently that looks interesting. In either case I'll be looking at twins.....probably 2 strokes. I saw the post detailing the pros and cons of the 254's. I dive as much as, if not more than, I fish out of it. Next boat will need to be able to handle everything from Tarpon fishing in Bahia Honda channel to trolling for Dolphin, to diving the Florida middlegrounds. Does anybody have an opinion on the 241 hulls???? Pros and cons????? There appears to be more room behind the lean post on the 254's (something that is important for the diving aspect) I like the high gunwales on the 241, but I don't have kids to keep in the boat, so I could live with the lower gunwales. I haven't seen a 254 with a bow rail??? Not sure why??? I do like the added beam found in the 241. Bottom line.....I have never been in a 241 help me out. Thanks

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    I have a 233 walkaround which is the same 24'9"

    that the 241 uses. The only bad thing I can say is when running

    on plane the boat is really sensative to people moving around

    the boat. I just tell people to find a spot on stay there. Other

    than that its a really solid hull.
    Apex NC [br]


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      go 261. Same as 241 with the extra 2 feet on the ass, gives you ALOT more room. Much more boat than a 25, the extra 6" of beam makes a big difference. And it has a deeper V, rides better.
      1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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        Welcome to the forum! Lots of great info available here. Good to have another Tampa guy here! I assume you're looking at the 254/251's from year 1984 on. '84 was the first year of the "new" 25' Mako.

        The 251/254 and 241 are two different hulls. Properly rigged (by that I mean the right engines, right props, and reasonable T-Top), the 254/251 series was probably the best riding offshore hull Mako ever came out with. For a variety of reasons, the 8' beam, coupled with the 25' LOA and 23 degree deadrise, made it a great ride. BTW, the deadrise on the 254/251, 241, and 261 is the same -- 23 degrees. The reason I say "reasonable T-Top" is that I've seen some boats with T-Tops that were better suited for 30'+ boats and the owners couldn't figure out why their hole shot and fuel economy sucked!

        If you have the auxilary fuel tank that some 254/251's came with (50 extra gallons), you have the cabability to go a long ways. The 254/251 is rated for a max hp of 370hp; with the most common power package being twin 150s. You see some with twin 200s; but I'm not sure your insurance company will like that. The console on the 25's is an excellent one -- I like it better than the C-PAC found on the 241 and 261, thought to each his own.

        The 241 is a 261 with -2 ft of LOA and minus the lift boxes in back. Max hp is 400, so you see both twin 150s and 200s. I've seen pictures of single 250's, but don't know how they'd run. The front deck is not open -- bad for fishing; but maybe an asset for stowing dive gear?

        I'm not sure what the ride of the 241 is like. I've spent time on a friend's 261, and that is a good ride. If you've got more questions, I'd give Lou Baquero at Advantage Boatworks (here in Tampa) a call. Lou knows more about Mako's than probable anyone here in Tampa. His number is (813) 877-1939. Before he started Advantage, he ran the rigging shop at Pioneer Marine. He's also a certified Johnson/Evinrude/Yamaha Tech, so if you need the boat or motors checked out, he's a good guy to call.

        Again welcome,

        Prop Blast
        Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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          Prop Blast thanks for the info. I just learned of this site today and yes, there has been a lot that I've learned. Well, my primary goal was to upgrade to a boat that can reach the middlegrounds. I'm being told that the 254's and the 241's probably won't be a wise choice.......unless equiped with 4-strokes. I thought I could upgrade my 20'Mako with a 24-25 footer, add a motor and cruise the grounds. Twin four strokes can be pricey.

          A good number of people that own a mako, turn out to be long time mako owners. I've been really happy with mine and would love to step up to a larger one..... only if it gets to the grounds and back. No reason to upgrade if I can't.

          Thanks for recommending I speak to Lou.


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            I have an '89 250 cuddy. Repowered with twin Yamaha 150HPDI's. My Yamaha gauge says 2.3mpg @ 28-29kts. Not to shabby. Don't sell the two strokes short. From data I have seen you need to run the 4 strokes at higher RPM to get similar speeds of the 2 strokes. Fuel burn is about the same, but you do save on the oil.
            \'89 Mako 250 Cuddy[br]Stratford, CT


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              Blackdog... what size props are you using?
              Artie Sutherland[br]Rude Attitude -\'76 Mako 25 CC. - SOLD[br]1976 Mako 21[br]2002 Yellowfin 31 - 300 hp Suzukis[br]Gulf Coast, Mississippi[br]


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                With 2 stroke DIRECT INJECTION motors, you can reach the grounds. I would not put 4 strokes on either hull, as the additional weight will create issues.
                1987 Mako 254, 2013 Evinrude ETEC 175\'s (sold to my buddy)[br]1988 Mako 20, 2008 Yamaha 200HPDI (sold)[br]1984 Mako 17, 2005 Suzuki 115 (sold)[br]1981 Mako 21 (sold)[br]1978 Mako 17 (sold)[br]1986 Mako 260 (sold)[br]1997 Mako 232 (sold)[br]Tampa, Florida


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                  13.25 x 17 SWS.
                  \'89 Mako 250 Cuddy[br]Stratford, CT


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                    Hello Hope this helps I own a mako 254 1984 with a 250 Yami carbed 151 gallon fuel and I cruise at 3700-3800 rpms and average almost 3 miles per gallon with a full tank I do have tabs which help alot cruising gps 22-24 knots so range is no problem and it handles the sea good also

                    Bob K

                    Boston Ma.

                    going cod fishing tomorrow I know it almost January


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                      I have to call BS on that one.

                      You are telling me that you have a 250HP carb motor that burns between 7-7.5gph at 3800 rpm's for a 22-24K cruise (3mpg)?????????????

                      I have twin 200 HPDI's that burn around 8gph EACH at the same RPM.

                      I do not believe your numbers.
                      1987 Mako 254, 2013 Evinrude ETEC 175\'s (sold to my buddy)[br]1988 Mako 20, 2008 Yamaha 200HPDI (sold)[br]1984 Mako 17, 2005 Suzuki 115 (sold)[br]1981 Mako 21 (sold)[br]1978 Mako 17 (sold)[br]1986 Mako 260 (sold)[br]1997 Mako 232 (sold)[br]Tampa, Florida


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                        I friend of mine used to have a 241 with twin 225 black max mercs, tower and outriggers with spreaders. Very nice setup and great boat to run out and go billfishing for the day. The boat had one large fuel tank and was scary to drive in a beam sea. I don't think the tank had baffles as the boat would drive itself when the fuel started sloshing around.

                        As for speed - I think it would run in the mid to upper 50's. I do remember coming in from billfishing one day and passing a single engine go fast in Destin Pass - with the tower, outriggers and billfishing rods sticking out everywhere!
                        1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
                        1985 Mako 20c - sold
                        Fort Walton Beach, FL


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                          The 254 is an offshore battle wagon. Because of its long overall length compared to its narrow rides great. The 261 is a wider boat which will have slightly less better ride....but it will be more stable.

                          All hull designs are just need to determine what is better for you.


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                            Yes, you are right Ed. I am going to look at a 1987 254 with twin 150 yamahas (1998's) tomorrow. Sounds like a good one. I will keep you all posted. I really thought I wanted a 241, but learned on one of these forums that the 241 is really a 261 cut down. No problem, except one of the complaints I've had with my 20 footer is the lack of room behind the lean post and in front of the transom. The 254 offers much more room in this area than the 241 offers. Maybe the answer is the 261, but damn, we are getting into a heavier boat! I don't want to be looking at a new truck too.

                            Thanks very much for all your input.


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                              Its not BS my boat gets 2.5 kow with a full canvas enclosure and 3 for sure in the summer I dont have a ttop and thats what it gets for your 261 its wider heavier and has a cuddy you say and it probally

                              has a ttop

                              Bob K

                              Boston Ma