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From BW Outrage to Mako 252

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  • From BW Outrage to Mako 252

    After many years of successful cruising, fishing and diving with BW classic outrage models, I just received last week my first Mako (2000 252).

    I did not test yet the boat in the water therefore I cannot write any comments on the performances against BW but clearly Mako seems much more "saltwater fishing oriented".

    Assembling and design details are not comparable with BW or GW even if it seems to me that the overall quality of components is good.

    I was not used with BW to have such a complicated bilge, full of wires , pumps and drain hoses, and I am still inspecting it to understand the function of each component.

    I have a couple of questions:

    is Mako unsinkable?

    where can I find details (drawings, picture...) about the bow filler for the 252? I would like to make an acrylic bow filler that can be used as a sundeck and also as a table.


    2000 Mako 252, twin 175 ficht + 15 4 strokes kicker - Rome ITALY

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    The Mako is a huge jump from the BW IMO. The storage on the boats is far superior to any whaler. I believe that it is unsinkable...but what that really means is that "part" of the boat will stay at sea level. I know two people who stayed offshore in a tournament only to wake up with the top of the engines at the waterline. They were able to get off one "mayday" before she capsized but the bow was out of the water enough for them to hang onto the bow eye until they were finanlly rescued.

    Post some pics and reports when you get it out on the water!
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