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  • Yamaha 90 Identification

    Hi all, new to the forum. Just picked up a 1974 Mako 17 angler with a Yamaha 90. I need some help in identifying the year of my engine. The engine is a european spec engine and none of the Yamaha dealers here in FL have been able to tell me what year the engine is. The model is 90 AETO and the other numbers on the plate are 6H1L 451 877. I need to order some parts but everyone needs to know the year. I called Yamaha Canada with no luck. My next step was to call Yamaha UK or maybe Yamaha Australia unless someone here might be able to decode the year. Thanks for any help

    Mike FL
    1974 Mako 17 Angler[br]

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    Checking my Yamaha Factory Manual Your model is listed in my manual.

    I have a '98 C-90. Your 90AETO is listed in the same colum as mine.

    I bet if you told them it was a 1998 you would be fine.

    What do you need?


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      Thanks warthog, but I don't think that the engine is that new. I'm thinking that it is an 80's model. The prior owner thought that it might be an 87, but he wasn't sure. He might have said that, hoping for a sale. I liked the boat so that really didn't matter to me. I need the lower mount cover, shift rod and a new steering arm. The casing on the trim motor is also rusted, but I don't know if I can just replace that piece or if I have to replace the entire tilt/trim assembly.
      1974 Mako 17 Angler[br]


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        i have a precision blend 90aeto outboard yamaha on my530 lancer and i am having problems with my engine no 3 cylinder not working at all compression is good spark is good and carbys have been overhauled can it have any thing to do with the power reduction system