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Finally used my Towboat insurance today

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  • Finally used my Towboat insurance today


    Last weekend I went out with some friends and my ailing starter finally bit the dust. My friends towed me back to the ramp and I promptly replaced the starter, solenoid, and plugs.

    I decided today that I would take her out and do some fishing (don't tell my boss). At first, she was back to her old self. Fired right up and when I cleared the first no wake zone hopped right on plane. After the second no wake area, I cranked back up to 4500 RPM and as I was backing off the throttle (felt a little hesitation) the tach dropped to 2000 RPM's while the motor sounded like it was in the mid-3K range, I never lost speed. I thought this was just a tach issue at the time. Outside of the inlet, I had stopped for bait and was going to make the run to 90' to start on the troll. I hit the throttle and you would think I had an anchor out. It plowed forever then finally got on plane.

    Knowing then that something wasn't right, I dumped the threadfin and headed in. At first I am thinking this is a "fire" issue, since I had just added plugs maybe something came loose. The planning issue progressively got worse and I had to use full tab down to get her out of the hole. As I neared the Jimmy Ghramm boat ramp and was dropping off of plane, it sounded like someone dropped a marble into the cylinder. Before I could turn the key off the motor died, that nifty new starter wouldn't even turn the motor over, it is toast [:0]

    Looks like I am in the market for a new 150.... Anybody need parts from a 98' Merc Offshore Carbbie??
    \'98 Mako 191[br]150 Merc[br]Hobe Sound, Fl[br]Looking for a Pursuit 2870 Offshore.

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    Thats the same engine I have. So I might need parts one day!
    L_Bones[br]Nassau, Bahamas[br]\'82 Mako 21 - \'98 200HP Merc[br]