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Starting engine that has sat for a while...?

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  • Starting engine that has sat for a while...?

    I will be finishing up my project soon, and I was wondering if there is anything I should do to the engine before trying to fire it up. It's a 1987 Evinrude 70, and it was professionally winterized after the last time it ran, but that was in November of '06. During that season, I had some issues with water in the fuel, but I had the carbs cleaned, put a new fuel water separator on and started treating the fuel, after that it ran fine. Before it was winterized, it ran fine. When they winterized, it was fogged, new plugs were put in, new lower unit oil, etc...

    Is there anything in particular I should do with an engine that's been sitting for nearly 2 years, or can I just dump some gas in and give it a go?
    Rich[br]Rhode Island[br]1980 21B

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    Me personaly I would fog it again befor startup to be shore that the cylinders are lubed up good. Also check all the holes a dirt dobber could get in and think about replaceing the water pump cause after sitting for they dry out and get brittle
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