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  • repower mako 228

    I want to repower my 1987 Mako 228 but I have heard that a 200 or 225 HP four stroke would be to heavy forthe boat. Would I be better off with a 200 HP 2 stroke? Any ideas?

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    IMHO a 225-250 Suzi 4-stroke would be pretty sweet on that hull.

    Hind sight is usually 20-20, but wish now that I had gone with a single 250 Suzi 4-stroke on my 224, instead of the twin DF-140's.
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      Repowered my 85' 228 Cuddy in 2000 with a 200hp Johnson Ocean Pro about the same time as the Great OMC EFI disaster. Decided to go with a carb. 2-cycle. Great engine. Kind of loud when underway. More than enough power and very dependable. Original OB was a 175 Johnson so there is a bit more weight on the transom. Added trim tabs. World of diff. Perks
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