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Drilling Holes in Hardtop Pipe

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  • Drilling Holes in Hardtop Pipe

    How big of a Hole can you drill in the Hardtop tubes or t-top legs

    before it starts weaking the tube?

    I removed my electronics box and it had a standpipe that all of the

    antenna wires went through. Now that I removed the radio box I want to fish the wires through the tubes but I have no idea how big of a hole I can drill. I need two run two antenna cable's and the anchor light.

    Any thoughts ?
    Apex NC [br]

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    Consider setting up a seperate chase for those wires plus more if you want to add some later. Maybe use SS or anodized aluminum that matches your hardtop support. If you can do that, you won't have to weaken the existing support at all.
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      Make sure you stay away from bends and welds when drilling. Try to drill on a long straight piece. I've drilled 3/8 before to help feed the wires.

      Oakley, California