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    Hey Guys, Capt Brad here from Land Locked Louisville Ky, As a Funamnet Guy who no longer gets to look forward to those trips. It seems that there is a following here, I would sure enjoy the chance to meet and fish and ...lie (just small ones) to other Mako Owners. Is there any chance of someone on the coast planning an event for owners to meet this year. Anywhere SOUTH is fine. Mako 254 Louisville KY
    Brad 254 Louisville Ky

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    I've been tolling over the idea of putting something together next spring. Let me look at the calendar and pick a couple of dates that don't conflict with other local events. I've wanted to start a club in the area but new baby, new job and new house stopped that one cold. []

    I was thinking of a low key weekend with fishing on Friday/Saturday and a barbeque on the beach Saturday afternoon with camping Saturday night. Fishing would be out of Destin and a get together either at crab island or on an island in "The Narrows" which would make for some good cruising. Nothing fancy, but a fun time to get together with other Mako folks.
    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
    1985 Mako 20c - sold
    Fort Walton Beach, FL


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      Get with me on the dates and I'll help to put it together with you guys. I've been wanting to do the same, but new baby, new house, and a plethora of other crap hitting me at the same time... Damn, didn't I just read this line in the post above mine????

      I wish I could have my boat ready by then, but MakoMyDay and his Intrepid would be glad to make a trip out to the Panhandle.

      I'd also like to have a rally in my area sometime as well. Maybe a fishing rodeo out of Grand Isle. We go to a rodeo in Grand Isle every year and the Sand Dollar has really good rates on rooms that sleep 6-8 people.
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        Hmm I will go help out if someone has a green canyon capable mako. Guaranteed 10 yellowfin on a good night out of grande isle. It just happens to be a 100 mile one way run.
        Slidell, La


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          I need 2 years and I'll have a boat that can make the trip. I'm saving for it right now.
          Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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            If I'm on the drillship I'll give instant offshore fishing reports from Green Canyon #653.
            Pete[br]MaColAh III [br]93\' 261b[br]HO 200 hp ETEC\'s[br]Cape Cod[br]


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              Pensacola might be a better place. Some fine fishing there, and plenty of bay beaches or shoreline parks to have a fish fry.

              Just a thought.


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                Shucks,.....I thought we would just stack all our boats behind Ed's house and fish the Rigolets area...hehehehe[][]Tony
                79 Mako 23[br]85 Wellcraft 18 fisherman[br]Hammond, La.


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                  Hell, I might be interested in dragging my boat up there.
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                    Originally posted by spectrout77

                    Shucks,.....I thought we would just stack all our boats behind Ed's house and fish the Rigolets area...hehehehe[][]Tony

                    Sounds like a winner to me..
                    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                      Let me know, I'm there![]

                      Prop Blast
                      Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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                        I'll make the run to the Green Canyon

                        I think my family could use a "road trip" when and where?
                        Apex NC [br]


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                          I have already told Wart that I would come down his way, if the good lord allows me some extra time and funds this spring. I don't do hot weather trips and boating anymore. But I can mind the coolers, dockside, and cook the fish on the grill, while you guys go to work[fishing is work, when you leave the inlet for me anymore][}]. But I will need plenty of notice, because of my family schedules and my wife's job. Medical folks take few days with short notice, It maybe possible that she will be along side of me, as we do little traveling without each other, anymore. So that may change things, depending on the actual plans, with or without spouses in this function. I listen and do everything she tells me to do, as she allows me to do my thing.


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                            I am interested if it's around Destin too. Please keep me posted, if you don't see me here or if I manage to miss it here on the site maybe you or Ringleader will let me know about it privately. Merry Christmas all. Take care, Murray
                            Murray Gaskins[br]Valdosta, Georgia[br]Mexico Beach, Florida[br]Do not tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly,[br]don\'t tell them where they know the fish.


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                              I call your attention to Oyster last sentence of his post.

                              "I listen and do everything she tells me to do, as she allows me to do my thing."

                              This sounds like a wise man. I could say the same thing about my wife. Although, I would never admit to it. hehehe
                              Larry Smith[br]Pasadena, Tx[br]\'97 Mako 191