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    I was talking to a friend tonight that came to check out my boat. I showed him the rot that is starting right around the holes put through my stringers in the bilge. He looked at it and said as long as you have a quarter inch of glass around the wood that most of the strength will be in the glass and the wood is more of a mold. How true is this?

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    I agree. If you think about it, how much strength are you really getting from a 1/2 piece of plywood ? That's all that mine are made from. The stregth is definately coming from the glass. A lot of stringers out there aren't even wood at all. They are foam that is simply used as a form for the glass. Some may disagree, but I wouldn't even think of tearing it apart to replace the rotten stringers unless you are in there for something much more serious like a rotten transom. But if it would make you feel better, then by all means it is a very doable project. Wouldn't be surprised if that rot goes a hell of a lot further up those stringers than you might think.
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      Correct, I've talked to maky boat builders/rebuilders who all have agreed that the core in a stringer is for the most part a mold and the real strength is in the glass. Provided there is enough glass and the glass is in good condition (not delaminating or detaching from the hull) the stringer is just fine with a rotten or wet core. But it may be a candidate for delamination over time.

      If you are replacing your transom and have to tie stringers into the transom, then you have to have something to work with and just like I did, you'll have to cut back to good wood to scarf on a new wood core to use as a mold.

      Sea Craft and Ocean Master used hollow molded fiberglass stringers in their hulls. Check it out in an Ocean Master:

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        After looking at it I thought so too. Just thought I would run it past the "Professionals" at classic mako.


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          Ed, Did you do that to the boat for practice?[]
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            HeHe No. I'm sure he'll post the rest of the pix's of that

            Ocean Master.

            They had molded panels pulled off of the original hull mold and extended the boat 2ft or 3ft, maybe more. HeHe After I saw that the first time the throught swilled around in my head for a while. HeHe


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              What we're gonna do here is saw off the back of yer boat... Yep, he made a 28 Ocean Master into a 31! Big balls there! Check it out here:
              Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance