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BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Dave Witte and I live in Sarasota, Fl.

    This is to let you know that I am back in the proud ranks of Mako owners.

    Several years ago our previous Mako was stolen from the marina and never recovered. We hope she still serves someone as well as she did us.

    The last fundament that we attended was the 1997 Manasota Funament at Galati's.

    Until recently I did not know that this site existed, but was very excited to find it.

    The boat that I purchased was the 254 that Clark Brandt had for sale in this sites classified section,it is a good looker even in kit form.I need to do some reassembly and she will be good as new.

    My wife can hardly wait, she's a real Mako Finatic

    I am a retired marine mechanic,turned real estate investor.

    Hope to be back in form for this years funaments, if anyone has info that may be helpful, let me know.


    Tunatamer Sarasota,Fl.
    Tunatamer 1986 254 Mako Sarasota,Fl.

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    Welcome aboard Tunatamer. Please include your hometown/state in your siginature.[]

    Funaments are pretty much a thing of the past, since Bass Pro Shops own's Mako now. I'm sure we will get something together in the future. IE After we get some boat's put back together.[(#)] That and get my truck just right for the road trips.


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      Tuna, I saw the ad in the classifieds I think that you got a deal. I have a '76 25' and cant wait to get it in the water. Do you have pix of your project?
      1976 25\' Mako CC \"Makoritaville\"[br]1986 48\' Viking \"Tight Spot\" [br]197? 14\' Mitchell \"Tender Spot\"[br]Biloxi, MS[br][br]


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        Welcome "back" I was at that '97 Funament as well -- maybe we met. My boat is "Prop Blast II". If you need advice or work done on your boat don't hesitate to post on the board.

        If you need work done that you want to "subcontract" for -- i.e. gelcoat/fiberglass or mechanical work, let me know. We have a couple of businesses here in Tampa owned by Mako owners who cut their teeth working at Mako dealerships in the 80s and 90s; but now run their own canvas, fiberglass, and mechanical shops.

        Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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          Have Pics, just haven't figured out how to post them on this site.

          Need a 12 yr. old to show me how

          Tunatamer Sarasota,fl.
          Tunatamer 1986 254 Mako Sarasota,Fl.


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