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Looking at 1972 17' Angler

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  • Looking at 1972 17' Angler

    Hey guys, I'm new to this fantastic site. Looking at a 72 17' Angler. Has almost all of the original hardware, teak and floor paint, plus some extra stuff such as a poling platform. The current power is shot, i'm pretty sure. I read about how to test the transom and to cruise around on the deck on knees to check for soft spots, but do you guys have any other recommendations on how to check the integrity of say the fuel tank & system, stringers and hull, prior to purchasing??? Help would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to joining your ranks.

    K King[br]Tampa

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    King, welcome! Great to have another 17 on the board... this is making my day. []You'll love the boat, but I'll tell you that your best bet will be to hire a surveyor (I'm not sure that a tank can be pressure tested while it's in the boat, but don't take my word for it. Nor do i think there is any way to check the stringers without removing the deck). Should the surveyor find anything, you should be able to bargain down the price accordingly.
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      I have a 1974 17 Classic and had to replace the fuel tank back in 2000. It had several areas of corrosion due to it's installation low in the hull and enclosed in foam. Chances are, unless the owner kept the tank deck piece caulked very well, moisture has gotten into the tank compartment over the years. Mine corroded through on the bottom and rear sides. New tank install was a piece of cake adn maybe cost me about $300.00 and only took a few hours.

      Great boats. My father bought mine new when I was 7 and I will keep it forever. I will probably install it's 4th engine next spring.

      Chris Miller

      1974 17 Classic
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