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  • new toys (and some other stuff)

    Had the boat out of the water the last little while installing some new toys & general upgrading.

    Its been so nice lately that I just had to go out before everything is done. I got no rub-rail on yet, not front cleat, and a few other little things.

    here's some shots of her.

    profile shot (new t-top mounted outriggers)

    new panel courtesy of our own Scott C

    new scotty downigger

    new swim platform/bracket

    resto-ed wood on console

    console again

    reason why i had to go out before work was entirely done
    \'89 231 w/ \'97 225 yammy SS

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    Nice reason[]
    jvtuna,Orland,Fl.1st Mako was a 20\' next was a 78- 25\' with twins.Current owner of an 89-210 with a 225-Rude.[br]I\'m starting to get this feeling that I may be slipping to the DARK SIDE.


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      great boat for down there! and you get a gold star for taking your girl out! looks great have you learned how to kite fish yet? when we get a chance down there the diving is amazing also. great luck with your boat and have fun


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        what the hell is kite fishing?
        \'89 231 w/ \'97 225 yammy SS


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          kite fishing: we use a short 2-3' rod with a reel. a square fishing kite (very stable in the wind) and black clips that are used as outrigger clips. you pop the kite up in the air about 30 yards and the line from your pole runs up to a release clip on the kite string. you can run 3 baits very easy with a little wind. sailfish tuna kingfish basically everything likes the live baits right on top the water. great way to drift along and fish. we use two kites and drift other lines off the side of the boat. if you ever find your way back up near ft lauderdale we can take you out and show you how easy it is.


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            Great Photo!!!

            I thought our water was clear [:0]

            I like the switch panel might have to call Scott.

            Did you close the transom?

            Enjoy it! I will be pulling my tank next week, there goes my stimulus check.
            1988 MAKO 231[br]New 250 Mercury Optimax[br]Miami, Fla.


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              Looking good! Is that a custom bracket? Can we get some pics of bracket out of the water?
              \'93 241
              \'82 224 - Mobile, AL Gone but NEVER Forgotten -


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                Awesome looking!! Real sexy lines,,good job!
                1997 232B 2017 suzuki 250 \"ROCK BOTTOM\"[br] [br]


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                  Wow, what gorgeous water.. I must visit Turks soon...
                  Kevin J. Dabulis[br]1976 24 Blackfin Fisherman \"Tuff Enuff\"[br]Staten Island, NY


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                    Yeah I enclosed the transom. I'll take a pic of it, as I have the boat trailered in my yard because of Ike & Hanna. Going out this weekend though!
                    \'89 231 w/ \'97 225 yammy SS


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                      Glad to see you made it through the hurricanes. The news reports here about Grand Turk were prety bleak. How did Provo make out?

                      Nice looking rig by the way.[8D]
                      88 Mako 171, 115 E-TEC, [br]85 Mako 285, Twin 250 Yamahas [br]Annapolis, MD[br][IMG]


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                        Hey scubadave17,

                        What model stereo do you have? Do you like it? I'm in the market....


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                          Nice pics dave, I would like to grab that picture of the panel for my site if it is cool?[]


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                            ScottC - yeah go ahead use the pic. I can send some others if you want... Great panel!

                            Seaplane88 - U use a Jesnon that is Ipod ready. That is where i get the tunes from. Got a 400W amp to push the volume. The stereo comes with a credit card sized remote that is pretty cool too...

                            88maka171 - yeah GT was devastated.. Provo not so bad.. a few hundred boats lost tho, mostly from Hanna the weekend before Ike. I just lost somw guttering & trees etc... Thanks for asking!
                            \'89 231 w/ \'97 225 yammy SS