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    Does anybody know the weight of the older 115 Merc. 6 cyl. outboard? This is the tall model with 3 carbs. I'm wondering what the weight difference would be if I were to repower with a 130 4-stroke. The boat is an 18 Backcountry, and we glassed over the through-hulls in the live wells on either side of the lower unit to add bouyancy. Any info would be appreciated.

    Captain Scott[br][email protected][br]Fort Lauderdale, FL

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    Hey Scott I don't know about the weight but, I do have info on what your boat can handle.

    A friend that fishes that same model 86' has 225 2 stroke.w/a manual jack.

    He has not glassed in the wells and only takes a little water over the transom after comming out of light speed[:u]
    1971 17\' [br]Saved from the \"BONE YARD\"[br]Anna Maria Island, FL


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      The boat is rated to 150hp, which I think is a bit much. Be advised that this is the original 1979 hull. I'm just trying to compare the weight of the 4 stroke vs, the 2. Thanks for your reply.

      Captain Scott[br][email protected][br]Fort Lauderdale, FL


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        My family has a 99' 115 Johnson on our 1974 17' Angler. We couldn't be happier with the performance. We mainly bay fish in it since we also have a 25. Since we don't require a long range with the 17 I can't ever seeing the cost benefit for a 4-stroke. I hope this gives you some help.

        I think I speak for the forum when I say we would love to see some pictures of that boat. It is very rare!!
        Martin[br]McKinney, TX


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          QUOTE: if I were to repower with a 130 4-stroke.

          The only 130hp 4 stroke I know of is a Honda. A DF-140 is lighter than that Honda, by a bunch.