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Mako newbie- help in buying used boat.

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  • Mako newbie- help in buying used boat.

    I'm looking to buy a used 17-21' Mako and would like some advice.

    I live in Nassau and think this type of boat suit my needs. Plus they look great IMO.

    What should I look for and are there models and/or years to avoid?


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    what are your plans for the boat, how many people, $$ answering some of these questions might help narow your search
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      Are you looking for a project or turnkey boat?

      If a project, are you looking for minor cosmetics or are you willing to deal with major structural issues like transom, stringers, and floor?

      Are you looking for the protection of a cuddy in a W/A or are you a die-hard CC man?

      17' to 21' is a big range and can mean a big difference in price, as well as the difference in towing vehicles (I'm not sure I'd try towing a fully-loaded 21 long distances with my V6 Toyota).

      You should ALWAYS look at a few of these common older mako problems: rotten transom, spongy floor. Other problems like bad stringers, soaked foam, or bad fuel tank are less easy to spot and should be left to a surveyor if you have narrowed down your search.

      Furthermore, you should try to narrow down what years you're willing to work with. Early 90's Makos will probably command a premium and require the least repair/maintenance. Early 70's Makos can sometimes be had at a bargain, but MAY... i emphasize MAY, need repair to become even seaworthy, but most of us will tell you we'd rather have a big project than buy something off the showroom floor.

      Oh, and it's not your opinion that Makos look great. It's a proven fact. [(#)]
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        I couldn't have said it better.[]


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          Thanks- I live in Nassau and looking for turn-key runabout for 4 people max. Day trips around here and to nearby Cays mostly.

          There is 19 for sale but not sure what year it is. Saw a 231 which looks sweet- with such low freeboard- is that boat wet in seas?


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            Hi Ritter,

            I like the 17s but they ride hard in a chop and will rattle your teeth if you hit a wake. I ran a friends 20 a few weeks ago and was impressed with the boat. I found a 20 on Pine Island for sale last weekend and if the price is right I may buy it.