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whats the $ to rebuild an outboard?

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  • whats the $ to rebuild an outboard?

    purchasing boat, has twin 200hp YAMAHAS their 1989's ----what is the worst case scenario if these engines needed to be rebuilt $$ wise

    I'm trying to consider it with the purchase price of the boat

    thanks for your help

    I just want a MAKO!

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    It's been my experience that rebuilt outboards are kinds like rebuilt transmissions....once somebody opens them up they just aren't the same anymore. My suggestion would be "new" older model engines. You can find plenty on ebay. I bought a brand new 1999 Merc 150 EFI Saltwater series for under $5000. Can't beat that.
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      Get a remanufactored Powerhead from a national builer, one that YAmaha reccomends. Expect to pay 3000 - 5000 per head. Yamaha is expensive. My experience is, if you get a good rebuilt head, it will run longer than you will. First two hours of breakin are the most important. Do exactly what they say. Some folks think they have a rebuild and they don't....what they have is a replaced piston. That is no good, need to have all new pistons, rings, bearings etc. Need a good warranty too.

      If it were me, and had the $.........replace them with some late model take offs, they are out there and run 8K - 12K for 150-200 HP per pair. Check SKA site.


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        I had my 1992 Yamaha 200 (on my old boat) rebuilt by Monhan's Marine in Weymouth, MA. Total cost was about $3600 and the engine ran extremely well afterward. The guy that rebuilt it is one of the top Yammie mechanics and has 14 years experience.......find someone very qualified in your area.



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          It depends on why you're pulling them apart.

          First off, Yams of that vintage SUCK in regards to getting the powerhead off. I mean, it is a major, major task. I'm an engineer, an OK wrench but by no means a pro. When I was 20 I pulled the powerhead off of a 110 rude by myself to ship out, no big deal.

          Now on the big boat, with the 90 200 Yams, we developed a sound about a year and a half after we bought the boat....wrist pins were going bad. Have a friend/customer who had only done, till then, 4 cycle marine work. Ex top fuel dragster, awesome wrench, owns a performance carb mfg business as well as the marine work...working with my old man, it was a week long ordeal to get the powerheads off. Yam just didnt know how to correct against corrosion like the others then.

          One thing YOU MUST look at, and Dunk will tell you this, are the shift rods. They were carbon steel back then....powerheads have to come off to replace. When we had ours apart, we found them down to maybe less than 1/4" of steel in places (from like 3/8"). So check that out.

          Bottom line, Yams are more expensive to rebuild due to powerhead removal issues, as well as parts which they bend you over good on. Also depnds on why it failed....something catastrophic like a thrown rod, which does happen, and its going to be even more expensive, and in my head at that point its time to look for reman head or new power.

          We caught ours before that happened, rebuilt with new bearings and forged pistons (not yams) at 1200 hours, we've got at least another 800 on them since then and, knock on wood, they are running like champs.
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            Just to clarify my post from above, tough to pin down the price of rebuilding b/c depending on how hard the powerheads come off, they may charge you for least thats the consensus from friends that have gone through it.

            I'd stay away from reman heads for the simple reason you dont know what happened to them. I wouldnt want a block that had a hole punched through it and was welded back up. Then again, if you've thrown a rod yourself...what does that matter?
            1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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              A little heads up for you guys. You can get a new V6 factory powerhead for @ than 3600 bucks. Find a hungry dealer. You will have to do the work yourself to save the labor cost, but it is not as dificult as it seems. And you end up with a new, not remanufactured phead.
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