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1993 191 Mako

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  • 1993 191 Mako

    What are everyones thoughts on this boat. I have been looking for one for a long time and just come across one that looks to be in great shape. Anything specific I should look for? Deck is hard and non-flexiing, transom is in great shape, fuel seperator looks clean. Overall boat in great shape.

    Thanks for all your input.


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    I have a 1993 211 and love the thing. The best money I ever spent was having it surveyed prior to purchase. I would strongly suggest it.

    What is the asking price of the boat and what does it include?
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      Go Sea Hawks! id="size6">My ol almer mater LOL. I would have probably graduated if I hadn't been fishin so much.

      The 12 degrees of deadrise at the transom may pound you a little bit, but you're probably a young fella and can take it. Masonboro Inlet is a good inlet anyway. I lived in Wilmington for 48 years. Check out and look at the specs for that year and model.

      The project pages here are priceless as far as what to look for as possible problems. What kinda power does she have?
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        Boats got a 2002 150 Yamaha OX66, guy is asking 10,500 for the boat. Looks clean other than the 500 coats of bottom paint, need to have them sandblasted and start over. Just wondering what the thoughts of the mako world are. UNCW Grad here also, I would have left the area to if I hadn't found fishing and the beach. Have a great paying local job, I can't be it and won't ever leave. Thanks guys


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          That is a very good deal, especially with that newer motor ( you may be a bit underpowered though) I would run and get that baby surveyed, asap.