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Prop Shopping Help (again) 9-26

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  • Prop Shopping Help (again) 9-26

    Now that I got my goods from Scott, the project is moving forward. I plan to hang twin 2007 90 Merc Opti's on a 1974 22B. Any suggestions on props?

    UPDATE 9-26-08

    As of yesterday, we now have two 2007 90 Merc Opti's out of the crate and on the transom. Cables are hooked up and all is coming together except the props. By Dad's request, I'm asking to see if there are any suggestions on not only size but type as well. We've always run the teflon coated props but they tend to loose the paint after not much use. I see a lot of you all using a chrome fishing. Thanks for all the advice!

    (once a passenger asked why fly the old prop plane over the new jet, the pilot said "it's much better to go through life screwing than sucking and blowing")[:0][^][]

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    I'm not real familure with that setup, but I'd start at a 20 pitch for those motors.


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      I think 19's are the way to go should get good fuel mileage and come out the hole like a scoulled dog


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        Thanks Shoetown


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          check with prop gods if not call murphys here in va
          The Mistress 86 mako 254 with twin 2000 Yamaha 150`s[br]Chesapeake, Va