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  • 254 mako thoughts..

    [8)]what are your thoughts on this boat...?? thanks.jim....[][] 203 982 6322 bethany,ct custom t tops /leaning posts/ arches/hardtops/towers etc

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    SICK BOAT! A complete battle wagon. My buddy (who owns a boat restoration facility that specializes in Makos) has a 1983 Mako 254. The boat has 23 degrees of deadrise and rides really well in the snot. He installed a custom 30 inch transom, refinished the interior and exterior with Awlgrip Oyster and Awlgrip clear, replumbed the bilge and repowered her with a 225 Evinrude Ocean Pro. He also fabricated a custom transom swim platform....not an engine bracket...two aluminum swim platforms that bolt on to the transom on either side of the boat. Makes getting in and out of the boat for his wife, kids and his old dog..much easier.

    If you have a lead on one of these boats....jump on it.


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      Many folks believe the Mako 254/251 hulls were the best Mako EVER made. It'll run well with a single 250hp or twin 150's. With the auxilary fuel tank (50 gal), you could run the Bahamas for a week!

      As Ed said, the hull runs great in tough conditions thanks to the 23 degree deadrise at the transom and the 8' beam. I think the console was also a great one, and the deck is a clean one for fighting fish.

      If I was inclined to sell my 224, the 254 would be at the top of my list.

      Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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        Oh yeah...with the single 225 she tops out in the mid to high thirties. He is thinking about putting on a Yamaha 300HPDI.

        Personally, I do not like the console on the 254 but that is my opinion. Actually most Mako's consoles, including the one on my 231, are poorly designed. They are too low for tall people, and the steering wheel and throttle controls are at angles that are definitely not ergonomic.



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          Attention Ed Mancini wheres your friends shop I'd like to check out the boat seeing I'm from boston like yourself I own a 1984 254 with a 250 Yami she is a great boat I'm six two and the console is perfect for me and fits the boat great maybe my console was an option? Going cod fishing tommorrow should be six to eight foot swells tomorrow

          Bob K


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            Hey Bob-

            His shop is on RT.1 in Newbury...acouple of miles south of Newburyport. The companies name is WILCO MARINE RESTORATIONS...Jodi Wilkinson is the owner.

            His boat has already been shrunkwrap....I'll see if I can dig up some photos.

            Bob, did you happen to buy your boat from a guy in Marblehead or have you owned it a while? Hold on to her...she is a great boat.



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              I have a 1988 254 1998 225 Evinrude The boat cruises around 28 mph @ 4700 rpm gets around 1.7 when full of fuel 151 gal.Top end around 35 mph.This is one of the best riding 25 ft. boats I have been in.


              Gulf Breeze Fl.
              Gulf Breeze Fl.


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                I have a 1985 254 with twin 200 yamahas (1995). Great boat! Few things that differ from the 261 model. Little narrower at 8' with lower gunnels. This apparently is what gives it a better ride in the snot and a less agressive roll when drifting. lower center of gravity with the lower gunnels. Not great for keeping the young ones in the boat though. It also hits me just below the knee cap when leaning against the gunnel which doesn't give you the best feeling of stability when drifting in heavy seas.

                Talked to one of the Mako engineers at the Ft. Laud. boat show about their boats. He was answering questions about the new 28 they just came out with. He said the 254 is quite possibly the best hull mako ever made.

                Good luck!

                As with any older boat, check the transom for rot, and check for any soft spots in the deck. Poor maintenance will destroy even the best of boats.
                Pompano Beach, FL[br]1985 254 w/ twin 200 yamis 1995[br]


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                  Geee All the tall guy's own 25ft Mako's. HeHe


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                    No Ed it didn't come from marblehead it was my uncles who passed two years ago it was actually bought brand new in 1986 never seen water sat in showroom for two years untill it was purchased it came with a 235 v6 rude the boat was bought at russo marine in Medford Ma it was the last Mako that the sold the boat is pretty close to mint condition my uncle was anal thanks

                    Ed have to hookup this summer

                    Bob K 1984 254