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1975 23 mako strait inboard !!

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  • 1975 23 mako strait inboard !!

    Didn't know they made one like this v8 mounted under the console[:u]

    Here's a link:

    1974 23\' Mako [br]1980 25\' Mako [br]

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    Talk about a project boat!

    For someone who's handy working on boats and is willing to put in a long-term effort, it may be worth it if the hull and deck are solid. I have not idea what a new inboard engine would cost though...

    Finished off right, it'd make a great boat for south east Florida...

    Prop Blast
    Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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      new engine and tranny about $10k plus installation (this would br fuel injected 350ci) Probably needs new motor mounts about 1k. It would be a great bote for South Florida, my friend has same year 236.
      Paul[br]Plantation, Fl [br]1988 Mako 236 Inboard


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        I have a 1979 236...great boat. Comfortable and dry ride, good on gas, and quiet! Not as fast as my outboard counterparts, but for me, much easier to maintain. Would recommend it highly!
        Formerly: Mako 236[br]Currently: 35\' Viking[br]Greenwich, CT