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Can't get all the water out of bilge

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  • Can't get all the water out of bilge

    I have a 1988 285. It has a small cuddy with its own bilge pump. Against the back wall of this area is an access hole with a thru hull brass stopcock valve for the head.The hole is only large enough to get my hand in.This area always has water in it. I have been using a sponge to remove it for over 2 months now off and on. It always slowly fills .The boat is on a trailer so it isn't comeing thru the hull. I think it got it there when I put water in the boat for the hurricanes.

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    If it has soaked into the foam it could take a while for it to dry out. I would leave the access open to help evaporation. You could have rainwater getting in somewhere as well.


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      I'm sure it's not rain. The access hole is only as large as my hand iand is on the vertical wall.Probably will have to make a larger hole to see where it is going.Wonder if I could get a layout diagram from somewhere?


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        I bet the floatation foam soaked up some of the water when you filled the bilge during the hurricanes.

        If I were you...I would jack up the bow as high as possible and let as much water drain out as possible. Than, I would get a dehumidifier, put it in the cabin and close the door and open all access ports to the bilge etc..and see if you can get the dehumidifier to suck out the excess water. It might take a week or two...but you would be amazed at how much water those things can suck out.

        The next step would be get some sort of blower (like the ones the fire departments use) and hook it up to flexible dryer hose and see if you can force dry the bilge with the blower. Never tried this personally but it should work...

        I am sure others will have different ideas.

        Let us know how you make out.



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          What Ed sayed sounds like a winner to me.[]


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            Sounds like a great idea. What type of dehumidifier? Any suggestions? Probably wouldn't be a bad thing to have hooked up in the cabin when the boat is not in use.


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              I'd look at something from Lowes. I have their largest one in my shop.

              Something like this.



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                Wow that is good service. Thanks for the info I'll get one soon and give it a try. It cant hurt.


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                  Go to Sears, Best Buy and Circuit City...sometimes they have open-box specials on items like dehumidifiers and such. You may also want to ask and see if any family or friends have one that you can borrow to see if the idea works before you buy one. Also, you may want to check out the want ads in your area too.

                  Good luck.