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  • mako__285 w/bracket

    I need to repower my mako.Anyone out there have one with the new Verado? How about the Suzuki 250? Wow so many new engines to select from. If anyone has any experience with this boat I would like to hear from you. Thanks

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    Don't know the answer to your question. But, I would be very interesed in hearing how your mako handles. The 285 was one of my choices to move up to from my Mako 21. I have heard a lot about its handling in following seas, mostly negative things. Is it steady sitting sideways to swells 3'? Would you care to share your opinion.



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      I have only been on this boat a few times as a friend of mine has one. I think the boat does a great job overall. I boat this one used and am finishing up a restoration project. I selected this hull mostly because it is built solidly and the layout is the best I have seen. The cost of the restoration plus new engines and a bracket will also be considerably less than a comparable boat of this size. Of course I'm not getting paid for the hours I put into it[(#)]. I'll try and keep you posted.and hopefully the bracket will help if there is a following sea problem.


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        How about some pics of your restoration project?
        Houston, TX[br]1975 Mako 23


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          If the boat does not have a closed transom and braket at this time, you may want to talk to a knowledgeable fiberglass person about strengthening the stringer to transom interface. I would, if adding a bracket. You will also need to make sure that water can get off the deck at the same rate. I would think about a bracket platform that I could plug incase the boat needs more or less buoyancy with the engines further back. From re-building a 254, I learned that a Jack-Plate can also be used to mount engines on a closed transom, that the same engine size gives greater performance on a bracket, that you slow down gradually or you can swamp the engine if the bracket is not buoyant. Maybe a pair of 225's on a bracket would give the same speed as 250's at the transom, and use less gas?


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            Will try to post some pics . Not to savy yet with the new digital camera. The project is going well. I have placed Armstrong brackets on three previous 25 ft. Hydrosports and they were awesome.