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    The only way I would know how to do this is with your title. It should gave the original dealer on it. If not then I would try it through the states records.The mrk is the common number even between states and since we really only sold makos in the south and east it is probably some what doable. We kept files on all our dealers and each hull had a file placed with that dealer. We updated the file with any thing that happened with that hull from the day it was laminated all the way through the shipping. Whenever we had a warranty or a correspondence we continued to build that history into that file. We kept about 5 years in the office and then put the later into storage (remember this was before we had digital options) . I do know that in the mid 70's the fire that burned the original factory took out everything from 1967 till then and Hurricane andrew flooded out the rest of the 70's and most of the 80's. I would assume that tracker probably has the rest but that is a guess?



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      Here is my MRK# MRKU0154L788.

      [br]Largo, Florida[br]1988 285 DC[br]2008 Suzuki 4 Stroke 300HP[br]Boat Name = \"Religious Fin Addict\"[br]Picture slideshow of restoration at:[br][br]Read how my installation was from Diamond Suzuki of New Smyrna Beach at[br]Check out - if you need something you can\'t find, email me, we can get it.


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        Thanks Brett. Dad and I have a strong feeling it was sold and used in Destin. Anyone know which dealer that was/is?


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          Here is the breakdown, MRK is the mako designation, U is the model (285). 0154 is the hull number at completion of production, L is the designation for month the boat was completed, 7 represents the calender year (meaning 1987) and 88 is the model year as our model years started in October. My guess is hull #152 had a change order and its tower was put on the next boat that had a tower and that it fit which in this case was yours

          seaplane1978, My guess would be Shields Marine but I will ask around



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            Thanks for the info. So, was my hull the 154th Mako 285 ever? That year?

            And, not sure you will remember this, but so far you are batting 1000 so I thought I would ask. My gas tank hatches have a weird design. I am sure I am missing something, so I thought I would ask.

            The lower (aft) hatch has a 6 inch lip upward that butts up against the upper hatch which has a 6 inch lip that travels downward. Why designed like this, it leaves a seam across the top where (over time, traffic and sun) the sealant gets worn down and potentially water running over that seam heads down between the two hatches into the tank coffin?

            How come not the other way around where the upper hatch lip travels over the lower hatch lip and the seam is left at the bottom where water could not travel up and over the lower hatch lip??? I am not sure if any of this makes sense, but I thought I would ask.

            [br]Largo, Florida[br]1988 285 DC[br]2008 Suzuki 4 Stroke 300HP[br]Boat Name = \"Religious Fin Addict\"[br]Picture slideshow of restoration at:[br][br]Read how my installation was from Diamond Suzuki of New Smyrna Beach at[br]Check out - if you need something you can\'t find, email me, we can get it.


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              I finally got a few minutes to catch up on some of the hot topics tonight. I was amazed along with others at having one of the founding fathers on board.

              That being said, I too want to welcome you aboard and thank you for your participation and kindness. We have a awesome family here that cares for one another and works and plays hard on there Mako's. I think you will fit in just fine.[]

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                Look out, man, the questions may start to multiply. The better your answers, the more questions you'll get. You may need to shut us off at some point!!

                What a tremendous resource you are....I hope we don't burn you out!

                Your historical perspective is absolutely fascinating and you are an instant legend in this community.

                Careful, we may have to rename this thread or start a whole new forum in your honor, just for your recollections and rare knowledge.....
                C W Hoyt[br]1985 Mako 235, 2001 Yamaha 225 OX66 [br]Massachusetts[br]


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                  This thread is so great. Brett, very cool if you to post. Now I finally know the answer to a question that has dogged me for a while. I have a 1996 Mako 17. 55th hull. Produced in 1995 as a 1996 model. I have noticed before that some 1996 17's have a different layout in the stern (livewell and storage department) than mine- perhaps a function of a design change incorporated in 1996 for 1996 models (as opposed to mine being produced in 1995)?


                  Haddonfield, NJ


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                    That would be hull the 154th 285 made, we rarely built more than about 30 28's per year. The hatch lap use to have a teak/polyethalene threshold that prevented stuff from getting in it. The lapping while backwards allowed access to the rear section of the tank hatch without having to remove the split consoles.

                    michigan dave

                    glad to be aboard and I think this is a great group with an amazing knowledge of Mako's. Thanks for the welcome


                    How could I ever burn out talking about something I loved to people who love them more. I glad to be a part of this site and hope to help whenever I can


                    In 1995 there were three types of 17's. the angler,the standard,and the special.The hulls were the same but the rear box configerations were different. The angler had three boxes above deck, the standard two above deck( one port and one starboard) and the special which had an option for a below deck livewell. The hull numbers ran in sequence so yours should be in the thousands as we ran on average 2 17's a day and they were in the line almost 20 years. Send me your whole MRK number and I will give it a look.I left in late calender 1995 early model year 1996 so they could of done something different after I left.



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                      Ah, makes total sense now ! Got one of those teak pieces laying around you care to sell me?

                      Thanks for answering my questions.

                      My boat should be mostly done in the next few weeks, not in time for Destin, but in time for the manasotamako club funament in Crystal River, about an hour north of where I live. I hope to attend that funament. I have plenty of room on my boat and could use some "schooling" in how to handle it as it is my first 285, care to join me for the funament? You can bring the family and even foxy Roxy if she can sneak away!

                      Let me know, I am sure it will be a fun time.


                      Here are the details.

                      July 17, 18 and 19, 2008 / Thursday, Friday and Saturday

                      28th Annual Crystal River Family Funament

                      Plantation Inn

                      9301 West Fort Island Trail

                      Crystal River, FL 34429

                      Reservations: 800-524-7733

                      Cost: $100.00 for a family of four/ $25.00 for each additional person

                      Room rate: $129.00 per night plus taxes. When making your reservation please tell them you are with the "Mako Club" and ask for your room(s) to be located in the "Azalea Wing". We have ten (10) rooms reserved for the Funament. When those ten rooms are reserved, I will ask the Plantation Inn for another block of rooms.

                      Another place you can stay during the 28th Annual Crystal River Family Funament is;

                      Encore, Crystal River RV Resort

                      11419 West Fort Island Trail

                      Crystal River, FL 34429

                      Reservations: 352-795-3774

                      Contact: Nancy

                      Tent Sites: $27.00 per night plus taxes

                      Camper Sites: $30.00 to $47.00 per night plus taxes

                      Mako Group

                      We are going to scallop and fish all day Thursday and Friday. Friday night we will have the Funament Registration, Pizza Party, Captains Meeting and Bingo Party from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm in the Palm Room upstairs. Saturday morning we will also scallop and fish. We will have our Raft Off, BBQ and Awards at the sandbar on the Crystal River, like we do every year.

                      Contacts: Bryan Smith @ 941-704-4588 / [email protected], or Jim and Patty Krick @ 941-350-3985 / [email protected]. Please let us know what Funament you will be attending. We especially need to know if Children under 18 years of age are attending. Every boat/family is given an award and every child is given a gift.
                      [br]Largo, Florida[br]1988 285 DC[br]2008 Suzuki 4 Stroke 300HP[br]Boat Name = \"Religious Fin Addict\"[br]Picture slideshow of restoration at:[br][br]Read how my installation was from Diamond Suzuki of New Smyrna Beach at[br]Check out - if you need something you can\'t find, email me, we can get it.


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                        I feel somewhat responsible for a daily feeding frenzy with this thread. With that said, this is my favorite thread on here and I'm very thankful you responded. I must say though that CWHoyt had a great idea to have your own forum for Q&A. That's assuming you have the time and desire for such a suggestion.


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                          Seaplane1978 and GEMaffair,

                          I won't be able to make it to manasota funament this year but I am making plans to visit one of them at least next year and who knows maybe my sister will come along.

                          Dont feel responsible for bringing something that was long lost back into view for me, Instead I thank you. I don't know how a forum or q&a works so I would have to yield that to ringleader on that, but so far this thread has been a blast so keep them coming. I am late to this site and I want it to just keep being what it was intended to be a place for MAko fans to meet and discuss there favorite boats.If I can help along the way it is my pleasure, besides It seems the more I go back in my memory the more I am remembering.



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                            Been great watching this thread, and great to have you aboard. I caught my first sail, and most of the rest of them, off of our 17 out of Boca inlet. Great boat that will keep me hooked forever. (Ten years later, I own one twenty years older than my first...) It is a blast hearing from you on hee, and glad you enjoy seeing what everyone has done.

                            (Mine is still pretty original: same motor, deck, transom, rails, even have all of the original teak. I can't imagine your Dad was thinking about having the 17s on the water in 2007 when he was building 34 years ago.)
                            Sold the 17\', moved to FL... I need a new handle.[br]1991 Jupiter 31, current project[br]2005 Everglades 243, sold[br]2012 Contender 23 Open sold[br]1989 Intrepid 246 WA--gone to Australia[br]1973 Mako 17--sold with regrets[br]1992 Mako 17--started it all[br]Pompano, FL


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                              I'm so busy lately... this is the only thread I even look at. Thanks for taking time to play 20Q with us Brett.[8D]
                              Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                                WOW. Once again, welcom Brett, please please stick around!!

                                Made my bones in a '73 17 standard. Took her to places we had no right to be at, and sometimes in conditions that we had no right to be in, but that 17 always got myself or my brothers home...safely...without breaking anything that would have tipped off Dad. That boat took a ton of teenage abuse, thousands and thousands of hours outliving 3 engines and still looked damn good at the age of 30 when we sold her....

                                Father and I now have a '90 261 and plan on keeping her for a very long time.

                                Keep it coming!
                                1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]