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  • Mako History Q & A

    How many "generations" has Mako gone through? I understand that it was something this??

    68-72 G-1

    73-84 G-2

    85-92 G-3?????

    That's where I get lost. When did Tracker buy them?('[8)]')

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    Total of three generations.

    Model Years 1967-1996.(The Schwebkes)

    Model years 1996-1998 became a public company known as Mako Marine International but the Schwebkes were no longer involved

    Mid year 1998 to present Tracker Marine bought the parent company and took back private.

    Hope that helps



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      Yeah thanks! Who were the Schwebkes? I'd assume the family that started the company. Wonder why they ever sold out to Tracker.


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        Originally posted by Seaplane1978


        Yeah thanks! Who were the Schwebkes? I'd assume the family that started the company. Wonder why they ever sold out to Tracker.

        Brett is "a Schwebke". Yes, they started the company.

        Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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          Here it is in a nut shell. Hurricane Andrew took the roof off the factory in August 1992. It took six months to get back into production. Our insurance company declined our claim. We struggled for two years to get our feet under us again and decided that going public was our best option of keeping "Mako" a family business. We went public in August 1995 but due to a bad second quarter right in front of the offering we had to give up control to the partners that took us public. Dad and I were removed within a week of going public and they installed industry people to make a new "Mako". Within Two years the stock was delisted and Tracker bought all the stock and has owned ever sense. It was not our intention to have anybody but our family run the company but even with our best intentions sometimes things do not always work as planned.In hindsight maybe we could of done things different but down deep we just wanted to build great boats, take them fishing with friends and family and make memories that lasted a lifetime. Due to great people like Bill Munro the funaments took on a life of their own. I can now look forward to taking my kids to something that I thought was long gone but so much a part of my life; A Mako owners Tournament.



          • Captain Calli
            Captain Calli commented
            Editing a comment
            I have a 1992 Mako 221. (I was south of the Falls Mall in south dade for andrew so I know about the roof blowing off.)

            I have owned my Mako for 18 years. I am the second owner.

            The Mako has crossed the stream. We took our honeymoon from Miami to Key West on the Mako. All four of our kids have grown up on her, fishing, swimming, diving, exploring. She has explored the water of boca chica and upper captiva. We fish her hard.

            Many times I have wanted to “move up.” Every time I didn’t I am grateful.

            That boat is part of my soul. And my family.

            Mako for life. Mission accomplished.

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          Brett, I haven't yet said so Welcome Aboard!

          Thanks for the info, I believe you have answered a few questions that have been asked a number of times over the years. I can't wait for Eddie to get the scans of old material posted. Just watch the site and see your families dream is alive and well...clasic Makos being used and worked on by friends and family, Funaments popping up all over, etc...I attended my 1st Funament last year with my 1 yr old and hope to make 2nd this year with 1 almost 2 and the other 3 months, starting them young[8D].
          \'93 241
          \'82 224 - Mobile, AL Gone but NEVER Forgotten -


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            Thanks for the welcome,It has been amazing seeing what everyone is doing with the boats and where possible helping to start fill in the blanks. I have taken dad on the site a couple of times and the project boats really bring back memories.It makes me smile to think of new generations fishing on Makos. Dad built the first one when I was two, so it sounds like your kids have me beat by a year or two. Here's to a lifetime of fish stories.



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              Please tell your family THANK YOU for such great memories. My dad and I have so many memories of projects and trips thanks to your family. Welcome aboard and please don't be a stranger! Just wondering, what year and make is your favorite?


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                I also want to say THANKS to you and your dad, Brett. I just bought my 3rd Mako. Once you fish on a Mako it's hard to change!
                jvtuna,Orland,Fl.1st Mako was a 20\' next was a 78- 25\' with twins.Current owner of an 89-210 with a 225-Rude.[br]I\'m starting to get this feeling that I may be slipping to the DARK SIDE.


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                  Brett, I too owe you and your father a great debt of gratitude, you might have seen some of my work on this site for all the mako owners and I can assure you I put as much love and care into the stuff I make for these guys as your family did when building them. The Mako community is a very special one, one that is long lasting and growing stronger with the help of key people who go above and beyond to help others.

                  It is great to have you as a part of this board.


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                    Brett, I too would like to thank you and your father for Building such awesome boats. This is my first mako, a 261, but in my family our 7th one. I have made many memories on these boats, Sorry that the Insurance company screwed yall on the roof, I'm in the area of Katrina so i know how that goes. I wish you and your family the best and hope to see you on here for good. I think it would be very special if you and your father could make it to the annual Mako Fundaments. Again thank yall for all you have done and for building the best in this world of boating.

                    -Tim Savarese
                    Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him had better take a closer look at the American Indian. -Henry Ford[br]1988 Mako 261 \"Stroken\" Project Thread:[br]1992 Mako221B project thread:[br]1992 Mako 261B \"Reel Impressive\" project thread:[br]


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                      Brett, that's really cool to have someone from the original family on our site!! We all love the classic Makos, which kind of makes you a "celebrity" on here. Welcome [)][)][)][)]
                      1983 254 [br]Twin 200 Yamaha HPDI\'s[br]Richie [br]Biloxi, MS


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                        Seaplane,Red drum,Stroken,ScottC,jvtuna

                        Thanks for all your kind thoughts and we look forward to being part of the site, sorry it took us so long to find it. It is a real honor to sit back and follow the progress of your boats and see how detailed you all are with your Mako's. We have begun forwarding all the information and srap books that we kept during our time to ringleader and he is working on ways to get them on the site. I have also contacted some of our oldest dealers and they are pulling together what they kept so that we can get you all a complete history from A to Z and as many specs , brochures , ads and photos as possible.

                        As far as favorite Mako model and year.That would be hard but here what models comes to mind

                        Favorite Years 1967 to 1996 of course

                        1967 19 Dads first and the one that started it all.

                        1979 17 angler the First Mako I took offshore solo and caught a sail)

                        As far as the rest, they all hold a special place and memories for me, so I will let time and Classic Mako owners be the ultimate judge.

                        Let me know what you think.



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                          Brett,sorry to hear about your family's issues with your insurance carrier.I have been dealing with insurance companies for the last 30 years,I own a Company in Ct that does property damage clean-up and re-construction and I have seen it all and what happened to you guys doesn't suprise me.

                          On a possibily more pleasant topic ,I restored and own a 1990 ,201

                          love it.Was thinking about buying a new 212 with a head but after the story I heard I might be better buying another older boat(when they were real Mako's)and restore it.

                          Wish you and your family well .Jim Maguire


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                            It turned out to be a familiar story in Andrew and once again in Katrina. The 201 is a great hull but I do not know much about the new ones. Is the 212 a cc or a cabin? I guess I should get a current brochure and see what they are up to as I haven't checked it out since the the late 90's.