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Mako 252 w single engine?

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  • Mako 252 w single engine?

    I just purchased a pre-owned 2000 252 with 2x175Hp and I would like to sell the engines and install a big 250 4 strokes together with a kicker for trolling.

    As an alternative solution I could also think about a 300Hpdi if really necessary.

    Is there anyone who knows if it is really enough?

    I am not interested in top speed but I have been always used to install the maximum power allowed with my prevous boats.

    In this case a big-one and kicker is mandatory for low-speed trolling (live bait).


    Paolo (Rome, Italy)
    2000 Mako 252, twin 175 ficht + 15 4 strokes kicker - Rome ITALY

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    Is there anyone who can help me?

    maybe with experience similar model about the same size.


    2000 Mako 252, twin 175 ficht + 15 4 strokes kicker - Rome ITALY


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      That 252 is unlike the older model 25's many people are familiar with on this forum. I think that boat is wider than the old 25's a bit heavier and carries more fuel. According to the Mako website the max hp is 400. I am not sure that boat would perform well with a single 250 or 300 given its width and weight.

      I have spent some time on a 241 Mako that had an 8'6'' beam and was equipped with a pair of 200's and it did very well. That is all I know.

      Columbus, Georgia[br]1973 Mako 17 angler \"Reel\'s Angler\"


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        If I were you....and your current engines are okay...I would run them until they die. I am not sure you would be satisfied with the drop in horsepower going from 325hp 2-stroke performance down to 250hp Fourstroke performance.

        I just got back from "Yamaha University" and they told us that they are currently working on a 300hp 4-stroke for 2006 and even a larger hp fourstroke for the year after.



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          Keep the 2x175's until they give you trouble. When you do repower go bigger than the 250 due to the extra fuel and weight the 252 carries.
          Rooster[br]1977 25CC[br]New Orleans, La[br][br]


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            I'm impressed.[] Classic has people in Rome, Italy.[]


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              I'd continue running twins on that size hull. I can't imagine that you will be happy with a single after having the performance you've experienced with the present twin engine set up. Slow troll with one engine if you need to.

              Twin four strokes would fit your needs perfectly since your not looking for high speed. I run twin 140 four strokes and slow troll at idle at 1.5 knots plus or minus at idle (both engines in gear). Combined fuel burn is less than 1 gallon per hour. I don't no what the speed would be with only 1 engine in gear.

              I would not recommend that you purchase 140's. My engines are two years old and, at the time of purchase, the 140 HP was the only suitable option I had. Now, there are a lot more engines to choose from and I would think a pair of 200's would be perfect for you.

              Just my two cents worth.
              Ole Joe
              Just floundering around
              Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
              1978 Mako 25, Sold


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                Dear friends,

                thank you all for your suggestions.

                The reason for I would like to install a single big engine is the "low speed" trolling technique I was used to practice with my previous Boston Whaler.

                When trolling for some hours around 1knt a small 4 strokes kicker is mandatory.

                Live squids, small live fishes (mullets...) cannot be trolled above 1.5-2knts.

                I will receive the new boat next week and I will probably test it at the beginning of 2005.

                My intention is to use it for at least one season with 2x175 and then take a decision.


                Paolo (Rome)
                2000 Mako 252, twin 175 ficht + 15 4 strokes kicker - Rome ITALY


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                  Hey Paola check out a evinrude 250hp ETEC at their site but stay with the ETEC and not 4 strokes or The DI.

                  The more I research this engine the more I like it besides full out its sounds like one of those sport cars (Ferrari) you hear in your home town.No maintanance for 300 hours.Maybe not for you but for me winterizing that I can do myself.Anyhows check out the site got to go shovel snow. BONJERNO!!!


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                    you might try those flip down prop mufflers. i'm not sure what they are called but they are supposed to slow your trolling speed down.
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                      I had a 2000 Mako model 232 with a single 250 Merc EFI. That hull did pretty good with the single 250 but 300 would have been better. Your model 252 will be a real hog with just 250 or even 300. I don't think anybody would be happy with that set up. Twins would be the way to go. Twin 200s would be ideal.
                      Spring Hill, Fla.


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                        Would trolling with one of the motors be feasible? I would think that it would slow the boat down enough, but maybe there is something else i don't know about since i have never fished a boat with twins.
                        Martin[br]McKinney, TX


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                          I troll live bait most of the time on one engine with the other in idle.

                          This is what I was talking about earlier:


                          I've never used anything like this, but it may help.
                          [br]***[br]\'82 Ski Nautique - Lake Martin, AL[br]\'80 236IB - Lake Martin, AL[br]\'03 Pursuit 2670 - Destin, FL


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                            Thank you all for the feedback.

                            I was not aware about the Cabela's plate and maybe it can be an interesting idea even if, I would eventually place instead of the plate one or two "soft anchors" (I don't know if you call it in that way...) directly on the stern.

                            At the beginning of 2005 I finally put the boat in the water and I will keep you updated about my impressions of the new boat in the water.

                            I have been for many years a Boston Whaler's fan and I hope to be at least as satified with this Mako as I was with my old outrages.


                            Paolo (Rome, Italy)
                            2000 Mako 252, twin 175 ficht + 15 4 strokes kicker - Rome ITALY